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Kid Icarus: Uprising + Circle Pad Pro + Stand = a Monster

by Neal Ronaghan - March 19, 2012, 12:02 pm PDT
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If you're a lefty, this is the best way to play, but it looks ridiculous.

When I received my review copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising from Nintendo late last week, I proceeded to take it into some sort of lab where I had to craft a distorted Frankenstein-esque monster so I, as a lefty, could play it.

The pictures below show a 3DS with a Circle Pad Pro on top of the stand, the latter of which comes with Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Technically, the Circle Pad Pro fits on the stand, but it doesn't feel too secure. I wouldn't necessarily leave the system on there when I'm not playing it. However, if you are the sort of person who wants to use the stand, then it should work.

In my time with the game, I didn't find much use for the stand. I feel that the Circle Pad Pro offers enough of a stand, so I just set it on a table.

It is worth noting that while the Circle Pad Pro is nearly a prerequisite for lefties (you can order it off Nintendo's website or pick it up at GameStop), it only duplicates the functions of the main system's buttons. The added Circle Pad just duplicates what the original one does, and the only functional shoulder button is the added R button.



TrueNerdMarch 19, 2012

"People love video game systems on stands. That's why the Virtual Boy was a wild success!" - No one, ever.

That looks awful. Glad to hear you didn't find much use for it.

EnnerMarch 19, 2012

Add pictures of folding the 3DS stand in to it's compact form! It looked really neat in the Nintendo Direct presentation.

This combination of all the current official 3DS accessories doesn't look too bad to me. I guess I'm a little weird? Maybe it is all my time spent with a Game Gear and its AC adapter plugged in to a socket that is the reason this doesn't look like a monstrous perversion of a handheld device to me.

NinSageMarch 19, 2012

Good write up.

I think the CPP is a fine idea but the design is still ridiculous.  It's just so .. clunky looking.  The size isn't an issue (still smaller than a Vita) but the design is just so asymetrical and... clunky looking.  Plus, covering up the stylus? I know it needs the IR port but that's just sad.  I think it looks really comfortable to play with, but folks like myself aren't going to experience that if they can't get by the Frankenstein appearance.

I actually don't imagine the stand being very useful for... anyone.  I think it's really sad that Nintendo felt they had to include it to put people's minds at ease.  If anything I think it puts people on alert because it says: "you may not be comfortable with how this controls, so we included this stand."  Did I hear right that there is even a no-stylus option?  In which case the stand becomes completely irrelevant.

But, it all just goes to show how far Nintendo is willing to go to ensure the success of this game.  I really hope it pays off.


In the end, none of this is a factor for me... I'm right handed, the controls look "fine", and even if they end up "bad" there appears to be enough going for the rest of the game to make up for it.

One of my most anticipated games of all time is merely days away!!

SBBMarch 19, 2012

So just to clarify, is there or is there not dual circle pad control? Like, move Pit with the left circle pad, move the targeting reticule with the right circle pad?

RasMarch 19, 2012

No, there is not.  If you have a CPP and enable left-handed controls, only the CPP's circle pad will do anything.  If you have a CPP and keep it default, only the 3DS's built-in circle pad will do anything.  I guess they didn't want to include a control option that many wouldn't be able to use for lack of a CPP.

Quote from: SBB

So just to clarify, is there or is there not dual circle pad control? Like, move Pit with the left circle pad, move the targeting reticule with the right circle pad?

To clarify: The Circle Pad Pro just duplicates what the pre-existing buttons do on the system. So the Circle Pads both control the same thing you set them up to control, and only the R button does anything else.

pololmejorMarch 19, 2012

I went to the US a week ago hoping to buy a Circle Pad Pro. GameStop is awesome! But there weren't any Circle Pad Pro's!

MataataMarch 19, 2012

I think the 3DS stand is actually pretty cool. Seems like it would be more comfortable than sitting there holding it up perfectly in front of you.

ShyGuyMarch 19, 2012

I've played DS games on display stands at PAX. It was the superior way to play.

red14March 20, 2012

It kinda reminds me of that steering wheel for the ps2 that EVERYONE had. ..I must be crazy cuz I think I enjoyed it back then.

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