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Five Totally Rad Things About Kid Icarus: Uprising

by Neal Ronaghan - March 19, 2012, 7:20 am PDT
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Waiting for our review? Here's some thoughts in list form to tide you over.

Still on the fence about Kid Icarus: Uprising? Want to know what our final verdict is? Well, to paraphrase Pit, we're not ready yet.

In the meantime, you can read the below list to find out about five really awesome things about the game. Before we go, I need to air a grievance. As far as I can tell, Sakurai's cat is not in this game. The search continues, but I hope that little guy gets into the game.

  1. Weapons Fusions Are Addictive, Rewarding, and Daunting: Weapon fusions are big mechanic of the game, and thankfully, it's kind of wonderful. Fans of Excel spreadsheets like myself enjoy looking through the grid of different possibilities, scheming to see which new weapon I want to make. Maybe I want a new Bowl Arm or an improved Paw Pad Orbitars. The game also smartly gives you at least one new weapon a level. Even if it is a crappy weapon, you can still use it to make or get something better.
  2.  The Story Is Completely Insane in the Best Possible Way: You know how it seemed ridiculous that Pit fights Space Pirates in this game? Well, that's only the beginning. I can't go into full details, but this game goes from relatively crazy to completely absurd. The best part, though, is that as convoluted as it gets, it's actually easy to follow.
  3.  It Has A Stupid Amount of Unlockables: You know how Super Smash Bros. Brawl had all this stuff to unlock? Well, that same team is delivering the same ridiculous amount of unlockables to Kid Icarus: Uprising. You've got weapons, powers, new multiplayer stages, and much more.
  4.  The Music Is Fantastic and the Voice Acting Is Legitimately Funny: For as dumb as Pit can sound, his voice acting is rather stellar. Additionally, so is every other character. The best part, though, is that the game is actually funny. The banter between Pit and Palutena is fresh, irreverent, and amusing. The occasional out-of-place joke might distract you, but for the most part, it's just awesome complementary noise. It goes well with the music, which is really really good.
  5.  The Multiplayer Has Potential: So far, I've only played the multiplayer against the AI, which is actually good and has made for some excellent matches. However, I can see the potential of this game being, as some have said, Smash Bros. from the third-person perspective. There are goofy items and other zany things to complement the fun third-person combat.


EyothrieMarch 19, 2012

Totally rad

AdrockMarch 19, 2012

I've read some good things about this game that is making me reconsider my initial decision to pass on this game.

And apparently, there's some sexual tension between Pit and Palutena which sounds creepy considering Pit looks 12. Kotaku claims it's funny. I'll continue to be skeptical until I can verify this myself.

I believe Pit is supposed to be in his late teens or early 20s, so it's no as weird as you might fear.

I'll have our review up soon, and some more Kid Icarus content before and after the review.

I do highly recommend Kotaku's dialogue about the game. I'm not always a fan of them, but it's a good layout of the game's strengths/weaknesses.

CericMarch 19, 2012

But isn't Palutena really old.

Also I thought it was pretty well established this game takes place after the first so Pit shouldn't be super young.  He was old enough to serve in that game.

Luigi DudeMarch 19, 2012

Well for North America and Europe Nintendo has toned down some of the content so Pit and Palutena relationship doesn't as sexual as the Japanese version.  In one of the recent trailers, at the end of it there's footage of a hot spring and then we hear Pit and Palutena talking about laundry and how Pit leaves his clothes on because he doesn't have any other clothes.  In the Japanese version of that same trailer though, Palutena wants Pit to take his clothes off but Pit refuses because he knows Palutena will watch him undress and stare at him when he's naked.

The story in this game takes place 25 years after the events of the first game so Pit at the very least is over 35 years old himself since he would have to have been around 10 in the original so there's nothing illegal going on here.  Of course the fact that Palutena is sexually attracted to someone with the body of a pre-teen boy does certainly raise concerns in people.  Sure it doesn't seem like a big deal now but before you know it she becomes a school teacher and then it's just a matter of time.

NinSageMarch 19, 2012

Can't wait!!


Good or bad, never listen to Kotaku.  Never.

The characters are goddesses and angels. I don't think human age concerns apply.

NinSage - But Kotaku's Kid Icarus dialogue is one of the most level-headed discussions about the game I've seen today.

AdrockMarch 19, 2012

Quote from: Luigi

Of course the fact that Palutena is sexually attracted to someone with the body of a pre-teen boy does certainly raise concerns in people.

Considering this is a Nintendo game, I figured there was no way Nintendo would let this pass. Pit isn't 12, he just looks like he is and that's what makes it seem creepy to me.


Sure it doesn't seem like a big deal now but before you know it she becomes a school teacher and then it's just a matter of time.

Just a matter of time? It's probably already happened. Shield your eyes! /Rule 34.

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