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Nintendo DS Specs?

by the NWR Staff - March 10, 2004, 10:28 pm PST

Touch-pad? Wireless? Step aside, here comes the RUMOR PATROL! MEOW.

'SUP DUDES? Over the last day or so, a screencap of a spec sheet has been floating around the Internet which looks like specs for the Nintendo DS, or Nitro, or Bafmodad SP, or whatever they're going to call it. Remember that news story we just did? Better read it! Now, the spec sheet looks something like this. Take a look for yourselves! Of course, this could be a really good hoax, but it looks pretty real to me, and the Japanese text looks accurate. A little Lego man told me this is more or less what it says, with my added director's comments:

Main Processor ARM946E-S

Subprocessor: ARM7TDMI

Oh, I thought it said, "don't eat the chili."


Main Memory: 4 Mbyte (Debugger use: 8)

ARM9/ARM7 for use together - 32Kbyte (16kbX2)

ARM7 specialty use interior work RAM: 64 Kbyte

VRAM: 656 Kbyte



Screen size 256 x 192 RGB dots x 2 screens

262,144 colors (6 bits for each color channel)

That's 229,376 colors more than the GBA can produce! I'm curious to see what the other 11 pages say.

2D graphic Engine (A,B)

Background: 4 screens max.

Objects: 128 max.

3D graphic engine

Polygons: 120K/s ?

Pixels: 30M/s

Isn't that around N64-powered?

Sound: 16ch (max 8ch of PSG, whatever that means)

Microphone Input

Is that a microphone itself, or just a jack to plug one into? Who knows anymore, in this crazy, mixed-up world? If it really, really has a microphone, I want a bizarre Japanese karaoke game that I can apply some ear-piercing cat-wailing to.

Wireless communication: IEEE802.11 base protocol

If it really, really has wireless communication, I want to harass other people with my ear-piercing cat-wailing. A secret source inside of Ralston/Purina or some other place, maybe, said that it will have better wireless gaming than the PSP and N-Gage.

Input devices

Touch panel

crosskey, A, B, R, L, Start, Select (X, Y to be determined)

Touch panel? Maybe it's like that old 3rd-party as-seen-on-TV SNES & Genesis touch controller that was allegedly awesome for doing 360-atomic-piledrivers with.

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