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New Gaming Book Focuses on Japan

August 5, 2004, 2:47 pm PDT
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Interested in Japan's influence on the video game industry?

BradyGames to Release Riveting New Book:

Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life

INDIANAPOLIS - August 5, 2004 - Chris Kohler, one of video game journalism's

most important new voices, has joined forces with BradyGames, the leader in

video game strategy guides, to launch a new book designed to give readers an

entertaining and authoritative look at the indelible influence that video

gaming, specifically Japanese gaming, has had on the world. Whether a

hardcore gamer, a fan of Japanese films and anime, or a student of Japanese

culture, Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life is

a must-have.

The book, scheduled to release in early September, is the first

English-language work of its kind to examine the reasons behind the success

of Japanese video games, rather than focusing on the history of video games.

At over 300 pages, this compelling paperback profiles some of the most

fascinating Japanese video game designers in the industry and takes a

critical look at Japanese video games from their earliest beginnings to new,

exciting trends that ride the bleeding edge of popular culture.

"Chris Kohler's writing style draws in the reader. He successfully recreates

the era and makes the connection from then to now, entertaining the reader

all the while," said Tim Fitzpatrick, Title Manager for BradyGames.

In addition, Kohler explains why Japanese video games are unique and why

they resonate so well with young American players. Power-Up offers fresh

insight into classic Japanese video games and the elements that made them so

different from American games, the origin of Nintendo, Japan's oldest and

largest video game producer, Japanese Role-Playing Games, and much more.

"This book is not just for video game fanatics," Fitzpatrick continues.

"Chris draws from the worlds of animation, comic books, and Japanese culture

as a whole. Anyone interested in the social phenomenon that is video gaming

and its undeniable influence on America (and the world) will find this book


For additional information and updates about Power-Up, including sample

excerpts and chapters and the book cover image, please visit BradyGames'

homepage at www.bradygames.com.

- - -

Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life (ISBN

0-7440-0424-1) will be available September 1, 2004 at online bookstores,

electronics, book and software retailers for $19.99 US / $28.99 CAN. It

also will be available for purchase online at http://www.bradygames.com.


Chris Kohler completed the research for Power-Up as a Fulbright scholar to

Kyoto, Japan. Kohler was Phi Beta Kappa at Tufts University, where he

graduated summa cum laude. As an undergraduate, Kohler designed and taught a

full-credit course on the history of the videogames industry and served as

the teaching assistant for the school's first-ever course covering Japanese

animation. His graduation thesis, titled The Cinematic Japanese Video Game,

received highest honors.

Chris has covered the Japanese video game industry since 1996 and

contributes regularly to Wired News, Animerica, and Nintendo Official

Magazine UK. His work has appeared in Wired, GameSpy, Shonen Jump, Games

Domain, IGN, and Kyoto Journal among numerous other publications. He was

also interviewed by the Boston Globe as part of an article covering the

launch of the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox, and has contributed to

such books as High Score!: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games,

Second Edition (McGraw-Hill), Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Videogames,

Third Edition (Rolenta Press), and the upcoming Gaming Hacks (O'Reilly).

Chris currently resides in Northford, Connecticut.


StrikerObiMike Sklens, Podcast EditorAugust 05, 2004

Chris Kohler eats babies.

DjunknownAugust 05, 2004

*misses the joke*

Berto2KAugust 05, 2004

This would be a nice addition to my "Game Over" book and "The Ultimate History of Video Games" book.

ThePermAugust 05, 2004

hehehe, i bought you "game over"...buy me the "ultimate history of video games" face-icon-small-smile.gif

I lost my copy of Game Over :-(

Kobun HeatChris Kohler, Staff AlumnusAugust 06, 2004

Everybody buy each other a copy of Power Up. That's the only fair solution.

Agent DormerAugust 06, 2004

I thought Kobun Heat ate journalists.

Kobun HeatChris Kohler, Staff AlumnusAugust 07, 2004

I eat baby journalists. Also your sister