October 28, 1999

Set your clocks, THE date is set GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 4:28 pm PDT
Source: IGN64

A date has been set for Space World 2000, an event destined to go down in history for Nintendophiles everywhere...

Dengeki 64, a Japanese magazine, reports that Spaceworld 2000 will take place August 25-27. During the opening of this grandest of entertainment expo's Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi will address the press at the show's kick off. Most interestingly, and importantly, the Dolphin has been reported... Read more...

October 26, 1999

Konami on the Radio

by Billy Berghammer - 4:36 pm PDT
Source: Nintendojo

Konami using FM Radio to distribute games? Strange but apparently true. Scope these details.

FM radio technology in the Dolphin? A very interesting concept, and our good friends from Konami could bring it our way. Nintendojo has da goods...

Konami plans to launch a game distribution service using FM Radio. The game data distribution service would use using FM multiplex broadcasting. Konami plans to incorporate FM reception capabilities for its home console games, arcade games, and toys.


October 25, 1999

Embedded Memory Push GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 7:47 am PDT
Source: EETimes

Some details on the hardware being developed for Dolphin.

EETimes reports Toshiba has followed suit and are planning to transfer embedded-DRAM process to Taiwan's Winbond Electronics Corp. and World Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., and NEC will invest about $755 million on a fab to make Nintendo's graphics chip, which uses a one-transistor SRAM cell from... Read more...

October 24, 1999

Majesco Games Get Shafted GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 2:11 pm PDT
Source: Majesco

Here's a great idea...let's make games and not tell anyone!

As we reported a few days ago, Majesco has two practically unheard-of GBA games on the way -- Caesar's Palace Advance: Millennium Gold Edition, and Aerial Aces. Since then we've gathered some new info on this silent duo. Apparently Aerial Aces will be out very soon, most likely in November, while according to reader PBN and Doug Hill (of RPGamer), Caesar's Palace Advance is already out.


October 22, 1999

Sucker Punch Talks to the Planet

by Shawn Sullivan - 7:46 pm PDT

The developer of the innovative Rocket: Robot on Wheels from N64 lets us know a little of what they are up to.

Rocket: Robot on Wheels is #1 on my list of games to get this year. From everything I have read and seen about the game, it looks likes it's going to be great. Well, I recently e-mailed Sucker Punch to comment on Rocket. The usual stuff, how great it was going to be, yadda yadda yadda. Well,... Read more...

The Next Yamauchi?

by Mike Revier - 6:08 pm PDT
Source: IGN64

We all know NCL President Hiroshi Yamauchi is going to retire sometime soon. Who will replace him?

So who will be the next president after Yamauchi retires? IGN64 investigates....

In an interview with Next-Generation Magazine, game designer Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about who he thought would replace Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who is expected to retire in 2001. Miyamoto pointed to Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa as the main contender for the position.


How Well will Dolphin Sell? GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 6:08 pm PDT
Source: IGN64

Specifically in Japan? After the N64 didn't do well in the homeland, there's reason to worry. A new poll shows some hope though...

Famitsu Weekly talked to the retailers and game companies about the predicted sales success of Dolphin. IGN64 has the results.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu Weekly recently conducted a survey in which a number of respected game companies and retailers were asked the following question: How well do you think Dolphin will sell?


October 20, 1999

Activision Joins Dream Team 2000

by Shawn Sullivan - 9:08 pm PDT
Source: Dolphin Cove

Will Activision develop for Dolphin? Looks like it...

Is Activision looking towards the Dolphin? The Dolphin Cove Reports that they are. Besides the games the Dolphin Cove mentioned, Activision also published Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for the PSX and soon N64, and is working on Spider-Man games for the PSX and N64. Upon reading this news article, I consulted my trusty lucky 8-Ball on the possibility of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 on the Dolphin.


A Shiny Dolphin

by Billy Berghammer - 8:39 pm PDT
Source: Gaming Age

A recent interview with Shiny's Dave Perry makes it sound like he is quite interested in the Nintendo Dolphin.

Shiny thinking Dolphin? The folks over at Gaming-Age spoke with Dave Perry the President of Shiny Entertainment. Here's clips from the actual interview that deal with the Dolphin.

Do you see a future in the Project Dolphin development?

Yes, Nintendo are very very savy. They will make a great machine and it will have great games. They are the most consistent company in the business.


October 19, 1999

A bit more from Edge GC

by Billy Berghammer - 2:31 pm PDT
Source: FGN Online

Shigery Miyamoto discloses a tiny bit of info on the Dolphin technologies.

Can we get this magazine in the US? Anyhoo...Miyamoto speaks a little (very) about technologies used in the Dolphin. FGN offered these words.

Speaking with UK gaming publication Edge, Miyamoto spoke briefly about Dolphin and how the change in format will make third-party support much more easier.... Read more...

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