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The Best of Both Worlds

by Jermiah Lankford - October 11, 1999, 8:02 pm EDT
Source: Nintendorks

Miyamoto mentions that 64DD's writability aspect may be included in the Dolphin, even though DVD is being used.

Well, it appears Miyamoto just won't give up on the writability

thing. Nintendo is showing interest in DVD Ram. And of course they are.... They've been looking into things that could be written since the 64DD. This should be good news though. And if Nintendo delays the Dolphin, which I now believe they will, it might give them the time to use DVD RAM. Nothing is confirmed though besides that Nintendo is looking at it. Nintendorks provide us with the proper words. :)

Nintendo is investigating DVD RAM and I just pissed my pants. DVD RAM is different from DVD, because it's essential a large optical disk that can be written to as well as read. This would take the best part of the 64dd with the size of DVD (about 5 gigs). Typically, a DVD RAM drive is about 2x, but you can expect that if Nintendo uses it they'll add some speed to the drive. The source of this news come straight from the man himself, Miyamoto. Supposedly he revealed it in a recent interview. Very cool indeed.

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