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Rare Witch Project Unlocks Bottles' Revenge

by Ben Kosmina - October 1, 2004, 4:26 am PDT
Total comments: 15 Source: The Rare Witch Project

Four years after the game's release, a new game mode is unearthed. Dust off your Nintendo 64!

Well, who would have thought it? Turns out that after all these years, there was still something hiding in Banjo-Tooie. The secret is actually a new game mode called "Bottles' Revenge". In it, the evil spirit of Bottles the Mole follows the players throughout the world of Banjo-Tooie as they play. A second player can play counter-operatively to hinder Banjo's progress throughout the game by possessing various enemy characters whenever Banjo is close enough to them. Some enemies also have a taunt which can be used by pressing the L Button.

Bottles' Revenge in action

The hackers at The Rare Witch Project have managed to unearth this secret, and have posted a more detailed description of the mode on their site, along with pictures and a video of the two-player gameplay in progress. The only catch is that you'll need either a GameShark or an Action Replay for the Nintendo 64 to be able to access it, as there doesn't appear to be any normal way to unlock the mode -- at least, not yet. However, codes are listed for all four regions -- US, Japan, Europe and Australia, so there's no excuse for not checking this out if you have a GameShark or Action Replay.

The only other thing of note is that you can't control bosses using this mode - it only applies to drone characters. Devil Bottles will say "Looks like I'm not needed here!" and then disappear until the boss battle is over.


Bill AurionSeptember 30, 2004


Alright! I can't wait to try it!

joshnickersonOctober 01, 2004


I shall be trying this baby out post haste... er, or when I can actually find my old Game Shark... hrm.

couchmonkeyOctober 01, 2004

Sounds like this feature was pretty fully implemented, too bad it doesn't seem like it made it into the main game...I'm sure Rare would have mentioned it by now if it had.

Ian SaneOctober 01, 2004

Too bad I don't have a Gameshark... or Banjo-Tooie. When I read the headline I thought to myself "Wow! That's a pretty good secret if no one found it for four years!" Well it's really a hack of a secret that was removed from the final game. Now that it has been found I would like to hear from Rare what the original plan was. The assumption at the time was that Banjo-Tooie had a secret based on the big keyhole in Banjo-Kazooie and somehow the games would connect. Maybe they were planning on making a lock-on cartridge like Sonic & Knuckles but Nintendo felt it was too expensive to do or something.

Remember how f*cking amazing the Banjo games looked when they were released? That screen looks like total sh!t now. That's like seeing NES games I used to think looked amazing for the first time in years.

mantidorOctober 01, 2004

zomg! this would be great but... I dont have Banjo-tooie T_T I only have like 6 N64 games (one for each year since I bought the console before getting my GC)... yes, Im poor.

MattVDBOctober 01, 2004

Dude, I heard about this before I bought banjo-tooie. I thought it was a well known feature... I was pretty hacked when I learned that it was removed/well hidden. Will definately check this out.

Bartman3010October 01, 2004

If you can emulate it (Which I can) It should work wonders.

No, I bought all the Banjo games, I just dont have an action replay or whatever...

joeamisOctober 01, 2004

Yay, something new to commemorate the N64 just hit 8 year anniversary. Just looking at that one screenshot, it's amazing how good the game looks all these years later. Although I've been playing old games lately so I'm not comparing it with as much very recent current gen gaming.

vherubOctober 01, 2004

i would like to see this feature in some of today's games-- either as online components or thru sneaky wireless controllers where you can play a joke on your friend when he suddenly doesnt understand why the enemy ai is remarkably good...

Sounds like a job for Nintendo DS, vherub!

Infernal MonkeyOctober 01, 2004

Stay tuned next week when hackers unlock the secret glitchy flashing disco mode for Perfect Dark!

WackerJrOctober 01, 2004

I thought that Rare had talked about Bottles' Revenge before. They've said that it was originally planned to be a mode, but it was removed before the final release.


When, near the end of the game you play the quiz, Devil Bottles appears as one of the characters occasionally. Most people are aware of this though, it was even written in Scribes at Rare's website!


Nice one to those at Rare Witch Project. They've been trying to get this mode for ages. Good work!!!

Llama_manJanuary 14, 2006

Hey! Wazzup? Well, I was reading about this on Rare Witch Project after looking at the Stop 'n' Swop roumors and read about this. I was like: HOLY CRAP!!!! I went to download the video and... and... and... the site was not available. In fact, neither were the sites for the gameshark codes... can someone PLEASE give me another link for the video and the codes? It would be VERY MUCH appreciated. And has anyone other the the RWP actually done this? If not i'd think that it's all fake....

ThePermJanuary 14, 2006

damnit...my gameshark broke!

KnowsNothingJanuary 14, 2006


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