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Online Communication For Wii U And 3DS To End In April 2024

by Matthew Zawodniak - October 4, 2023, 12:23 am EDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo Support

Fully pulling the plug on a generation.

Nintendo will be discontinuing online services for 3DS and Wii U in early Spring of next year.

Announced today at midnight eastern US time, Nintendo is planning to shut down all online communication for its previous-generation systems in early April 2024. A specific end date and time will be announced at a later date. This shutdown affects all online services for those systems including online play, leaderboards, and SpotPass communication.

Nintendo noted in their announcement that Pokémon Bank will be an exception to this shutdown, though they clarified that this may change in the future. It will also still be possible to download any previously-purchased software, updates, and DLC from the eShop "for the foreseeable future."

This news comes alongside recent rumors that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will be launching early next year, which Activision CEO Bobby Kotick was quoted under oath in court saying would be in "closer alignment" to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Since a Switch successor would make the 3DS and Wii U two full generations out of date, it's likely this shutdown is in preparation for Nintendo's jump to the next generation.


M.K.UltraOctober 04, 2023

It's crazy that you can still play Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon online for free on Wii U, for a few more months at least.

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