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THPS3: Out THIS Year for Cube?

by Max Lake - September 23, 2001, 11:40 am PDT
Source: EGM & Nintendo Power

A few print magazines are hinting that the Hawk may land on Cube in 2001 after all…

Last week, we reported about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and its newly announced soundtrack. We’ve known the game was coming to GameCube before it was confirmed back in May. We even scored a preview in anticipation of seeing it running at E3. It wasn’t there—at least not on GameCube, with Larry Goldberg telling IGNCube: “…at the moment they [THPS3 & Spider-Man games for NGC] are at an earlier stage in development so we felt they weren't ready to be shown at this time.”

Although giving official confirmation of Hawk 3 on Cube, Goldberg also indicated that it or Spider-Man probably would not be released this year. “No, I don't think so,” responded Goldberg when asked about GameCube games from Activision in 2001.

Evidence to the contrary has just hit the newsstands. Thanks to a report from Eric at TendoNext, we’ve learned that the latest issue of EGM has screenshots of the GameCube version, along with a revealing caption:

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 seems destined to land on every system under the sun, including GameCube. Judging from these screens, Activison's crown jewel looks like a carbon copy of the ultra-snazzy PS2 version.

It will have all of the huge, highly interactive levels and gameplay mechanics found in its PS2 cousin, including the "revert" and balance oriented flatland tricks. Look for it this holiday season.

This holiday season? Yes Nintendophiles, there is a Santa Claus. Although the claim is contrary to Activision’s E3 statements, the possibility THPS3 may hit Cube in 2001 is corroborated by the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Nintendo’s own magazine. PGC reader Matt Parker filled us in: “I recently read in my latest Nintendo Power that THPS3 is coming to GameCube and may be out by the end of THIS year. I was shocked. I didn't expect to see it until next year sometime.”

Like Matt, we’re pretty surprised too. Yet with these two print reports firmly suggest that the GameCube could be having a very happy holiday season with THPS3. A specific release date for THPS3 on GameCube has not been announced, so for now, keep in mind that nothing is official. We’ll keep you posted.

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