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Direct's Other Shadowdrops Include Trombone Champ And Demo Of Dave The Diver

by Donald Theriault - September 14, 2023, 11:07 am EDT
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Sadly, Trombone Champ does not appear to include "Through the Fire and Flames".

One of the wildest PC party games is coming to Switch with a very rarely used control method included.

Four player rhythm game Trombone Champ - a rhythm game focused on the large woodwind - is one of the Direct's shadowdrops. As the game is focused on moving a mock trombone up and down the screen, it will support a motion option via the right Joy-Con's infrared camera.

Also dropped today (aside from F-Zero 99) are open world strategy RPG Wartales from Shiro Interactive, an Epic Games-published sequel to Horizon Chase Turbo (Horizon Chase 2), and a demo for another popular PC indie game in Dave the Diver (full launch October 26).

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