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The Simpsons hit the GameCube...

by Max Lake - September 13, 2001, 12:46 pm EDT
Source: Gamer Log

...with a car. Electronic Arts have confirmed a new GameCube title starring Springfield's favorite family.

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will release a version of Simpsons’ Road Rage for the NINTENDO GAMECUBE. Revealed at E3, the game features Homer driving around Springfield picking up… Oh, who am I fooling?!? It’s CRAZY TAXI with the Simpsons. Original the game is not, but it is Simpsons, and it’s one more title for the Cube.

The game is also planned for release on PS2 and X-Box and all three versions will be released this November. Thanks to Brian S. for the scoop.

UPDATE: According to IGNcube, this game will join the GameCube launch roster in North America. Both it and Crazy Taxi for GameCube will be released on the same day...

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