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More love from Amusement Vision?

by Mike Sklens - July 14, 2001, 11:45 am EDT
Source: Tendo Box

We all know about Virtua Striker and Super Monkey Ball, but the guys at Amusement Vision have a 3rd GameCube game planned as well.

Sega's Amusement Vision is supporting the GameCube like mad. They've only made 2 Dreamcast games and they are already working on a third GameCube title. Already announced have been Super Monkey Ball and Virtua Striker. Now, the word is that Amusement Vision is working on a third GameCube game.

Tendo Box speculates that it might be SpikeOut, which is AV's popular arcade game which is like Streets of Rage and Powerstone put together. But the third game will probably be Planet Harriers, which is a sequel to the awesome shooter from the old skool, Space Harrier. Final news on Amusement Vision's 3rd GameCube title should be released a SpaceWorld this August.

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