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Monkey Ball playable on GC at E3!

by Max Lake - May 8, 2001, 3:21 pm EDT
Source: C&VG

Sega/Amusement Vision's quirky title, Monkey Ball will be at E3 and playable!

Recently, Sega announced that Sonic Team & Amusement Vision would be developing games for GameCube. Today, Computer and Videogames have confirmed one of the titles coming from Amusement Vision.

It turns out Amusement Vision's quirky arcade title, Monkey Ball is coming to GameCube! The game has players control a small monkey in a rubber ball, who must roll around collect 100 bananas with out falling over the edge or getting hurt by traps.

Monkey Ball will reportedly be playable on GameCube at E3!

We have arcade screenshots and the logo in our freshly added Monkey Ball game profile

For more, check out Amusement Vision’s official Monkey Ball page.

(Interestingly enough, CVG also mentions Sonic for X-Box rumors, hm!)

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