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Rare's game?

by Billy Berghammer - June 1, 1999, 5:50 pm PDT
Source: Nintendojo

Rare is buffing up for the "Dolphin" already! Will they be ready for the console's release?!

Rare is planning on beginning on development for the Dolphin! Rock on. Just thinking about what beauties Rare can craft on Nintendo's new powerhouse makes me drool. Damn, Max is busy! Nintendojo has the goods...

Wow, that headline could be read a lot of different ways! Core Magazine reports that Rare is "likely to begin work shortly on their first Dolphin title." This first title may be a Disney game; As you may recall, earlier this month, Nintendo and Rare announced that they will develop several titles based on the Disney franchise, for the N64, GBC, and Dolphin. "Details remain sketchy," says the Core report, but mentions rumors that a Disney racing game may be planned for the 128-bit system.

So how could Rare start Dolphin development, considering development kits aren't complete? Nintendo is reportedly working on a special package of tools for developers. Thus, titles can be worked on, and will be transferred to dev kits later this year. Nifty!

Core Magazine also reported-- They're just on a roll!-- that the first Disney title, which will be released on the N64, will be a racing game titled "Disney Characters All Star." We just can't escape the racing games, no matter what the console, eh?

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