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A few words from Miyamoto

by Kosta Andreadis - September 28, 1999, 6:20 pm EDT
Source: Nintendojo

Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the Game Boy Advance and Dolphin! Good Shiggy quotes found here!

And I mean few. Nintendojo has these few (yet good!) words :)

In an interview with trade publication MCV, Shigeru Miyamoto made his first comments regarding the Game Boy Advance. "We're providing the industry with a new system but we have to make it very noticeable to the public why they should buy Game Boy Advance when they already have a Game Boy." Quite true. On the topic of Dolphin, Miyamoto said that DVD makes game developmentless risky for third parties. He also spoke to game piracy. "Cartridges area better prevention for piracy, but our hardware development teams will make Dolphin less susceptible to counterfeiting too."

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