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30 Million Polygons?

by Billy Berghammer - August 24, 1999, 9:20 pm PDT
Source: Dolphin Central

30 million polys a second... the possibilities are endless.

Could this info be true? Hmmmmm. Dolphin Central has the official scoop. Well it sounds tasty so I'll mull it around for a while. Well if it is true...we are talking some serious graphical whoop ass. We are talking ultra crispy graphics! Read on, and judge for yourself...

Yes we finally did it. We are unveiling the secret that we have kept for the past month or so. So what is it you ask? Well we can now assure you that the Dolphin will have a polygon rate of 30 millions polygons with all effects on (that's 80 million with all effects off. So how does this compare with Sony. Well Sony will have a polygon rate of about 20 million polygons with all effects on (about just short of 70 million with all effects off). And Dreamcast sucks so much it can't even compare. So now you know. This means that the Dolphin will have the best in 3D graphic entertainment of all of the next-generation consoles. So is this IGN's secret, well we think so. But we're proud to say that we have released the info before them.

So now you're wondering "Will the Dolphin make the expected release date?" Well we think so. Our insider at Nintendo has confirmed that Nintendo is working hard and has made fast progress in the development of the Dolphin. We will be trying to contact our insider more often to get the latest.

One last note, the Dolphin will also feature a dedicated sound ship that will bring you only the best in next-generation gaming sound quality. Combined (the polygon rate and the dedicated sound chip), the Dolphin will bring you the best in 3D animation and sound quality.

Keep checking back every now and then to get the news before Nintendo, IGN, or Next-Generation do.

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