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Dolphin will be shown

by Billy Berghammer - October 2, 1999, 8:21 am EDT
Source: IGN64

We know Nintendo has to unveil the Dolphin console sometime but when! IGN64 claims to have the answer...

Supposedly not for a while. So when exactly will Nintendo unveil the Dolphin? We now know. IGN64 informs us it will be August 2000. Do I personally believe we will see it earlier? Yes. Anyhoo here's the goods.

Nintendo has been trickling out new information and details for its next-generation console on a steady basis, with no word of when the technology will be previewed to the public in action. That is, until now. Reuters reports that Nintendo has finally set a date to show off Dolphin "and its software", a true demonstration, for the first time -- August 2000. This, of course, suggests that Dolphin will be unveiled in full at Nintendo's annual Spaceworld in Japan.

Bear in mind, however, that this showing only encapsulates the console's unveiling to the public. It does not touch on when the press and industry analysts will first see the machine, nor does it touch on when finalized specifications and perhaps even early technical demos will be released. It seems highly likely that Nintendo will have something ready at next year's Electronics Entertainment Expo, even if only to give gamers a taste of what's to be shown at Spaceworld.

Note that the unveiling is scheduled to take place only two months before the console is allegedly to hit retailers in October of the same year, which of course further suggests that Dolphin will not make its projected release date. Historically, home consoles have launched one year after they were first unveiled to the public, as demonstrated by the release schedules of PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

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