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Just Imagine...

by Max Lake - December 24, 2000, 7:54 am PST

Max is a mall Santa! Well.... maybe not, but he still says "Merry Christmas!"

Here it is, December 24th, 2000. Christmas Eve. It’s a special night indeed and in the spirit of the season, I’d like to extend the fondest holidays wishes to all PlanetN2000 readers around the world. The fact that you give our little piece of Nintendo fanaticism your attention makes you all very near and dear to my heart. What’s more, I’d like to invite you all to imagine one year from now. December, 24, 2001; a time when the Game Boy Advance has been available about six months, serving as a sweet handheld appetizer to the main console event. Yes, it isn’t hard to imagine that in 2001, the GameCube and GBA will top many a child’s wish list. Though lucky for mom and dad, both Nintendo systems should be readily available (unlike the PS2 fiasco of ’00), as well as affordable. Not to mention, both GC and GBA should also have first generation software line ups just as numerous as they are diverse.

Sure, in 2001 the PS2 will be doing even better (as shortages won’t be happening), X-Box will be taking the world by storm and even Dreamcast is still kicking (let’s hope)… But imagine the Game Cube standing shoulders above these… Old favorites are made new again through unbelievable graphics and stellar game play. Titles like Wave Race, MarioMetroid(!) it will be hard for the world not to take notice of the second-coming of Nintendo. Imagine that in 2001, any and all developers’ animosity of the “Big N” has been left in the last millennium; Capcom, Namco, Square and all the rest are coming back to play… Yes, maybe it won’t happen as flawlessly as we might imagine now, but it’s a lot closer to being reality than before… A time when we had to pretend and wish Nintendo would come through in a big way. Well, now, it’s just a year off.

So, kick back, relax with your friends and family during this time…and imagine how great it will be to play your GameCube a year from now. I know I am, which is certainly warming the cackles of my heart whilst my family get-togethers drive me up the proverbial wall. Hehehe.

Cool Yule, Everyone. Be safe out there.

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