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More GameCube Pre-Order Info

by Ty Shughart - November 23, 2000, 7:13 am PST
Source: Gamestop dot com

The early bird catches the worm, you know. Well, you would if you pre-ordered a PS2 too late....

The word (or email) is that Babbages, Funcoland, and GameStop pre-order/reserve/whatever GameCubes as well. Hrm, aren't they all part of the same parent company? (Or at least retailing buddies of some sort. I've always wondered where games traded into Software Etc go, anyway)

I also got this in an email from one of our cooler readers:

I work at a Funcoland and we have all the Xbox stuff up and

ready, but no GameCube stuff .... well, not really, our Nintendo rep.

hasn't stopped by to give us all of our banners etc,etc ... but as soon as we get them they will be up and ready to show off Nintendo in all it's glory...

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