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Capcom at Spaceworld

by Michael Cole - August 3, 2000, 6:53 pm EDT
Source: Gamespy

You already said "goodbye" to RE-O for N64.... so say "Hi" to it again in Next-gen form!

The fine folks at Gamespy have dug a little further into the Resident Evil Dolphin rumor, and have come up with some interesting tidbits. Looks like there is a reason RE-0 was pulled from the N64 line up. It's hitting Dolphin! Well...er...we already kind of knew this. It's just further confirmation. And Dolphin ain't dead yet baby. Clean out those poopy pants my friends.

Also, regardless of the fact that I love Gamespy the product...these damn newbies to the Nintendo scene need to realize that the Kart in Mario Kart is spelled with a K! More blashphemy. First Wave Race, now this? Uhhhhh. What is interesting is that they call Dolphin Star Cube right off the bat. Interesting. Well...Here's the pickles...

The Nintendo Spaceworld 2000 show will be held in Tokyo later this month from Aug. 25-27 and Nintendo and several high profile third parties will be making plenty of announcements.

According to sources within Capcom USA, Resident Evil Zero - a title that scheduled for release on the Nintendo 64 - will be modified and brought out for the Dolphin/Star Cube system as a launch title.

Details about the Game Boy Advance, Star Cube, release dates and a list of launch titles will be released at the show.

Some of the titles that we know will be released for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo's successor to the Game Boy Color will include Mario Cart Advance, Napoleon -Napoleon, Gold Sun-Ougon No Taiyou. Konami will be displaying Wai Wai Racing Advance, Silent Hill and Golf Master all for the Game Boy Advance.

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