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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Announced: Features Every Character In The Series

by Donald Theriault - June 12, 2018, 9:43 am PDT
Total comments: 9 Source: Nintendo

Yes, everyone. Even the third party characters. And him. And her.

Super Smash Bros. for Switch will be the biggest crossover in the history of video games.

Every character who has ever been playable in a Smash Bros game - even DLC, or characters like Ice Climbers and Pichu, will be playable. Although the initial roster will be based on the original game, the unlocking of characters will be streamlined. In addition to the new Inklings, the other new fighter in the game will be the long-awaited Ridley.

Some characters, such as Ike (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) or Pikachu (male, female, Pikachu Libre) will have these variations represented in the game. Characters who are similar to others with minor differences are now called "Echo Fighters", such as Dark Pit, Lucina, and newcomer Daisy (Peach's Echo).

Some assist trophies can be damaged in battle, and KOing them can earn points. Bomberman, Rodin (Bayonetta) and Sukapon among others will be Trophies All stages playable in the game will have Battlefield and Omega forms.

All Amiibo of characters will work in the same way the Smash series do, and GameCube controllers will be supported.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will launch on December 7.



Mop it upJune 12, 2018

Given the shorter time between releases, I figured this would be a "greatest hits" type version of the games. And I'm okay with that.

ShyGuyJune 12, 2018

I'm glad King Nintendo Fanboy got his Ice Climbers back.

AdrockJune 12, 2018

Quote from: Mop

Given the shorter time between releases, I figured this would be a "greatest hits" type version of the games. And I'm okay with that.

Likewise. Every character is back plus at least three newcomers. Thanks, Sakurai.

I’m still hoping for an updated Smash Run. Still wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t have extra modes I typically only play to unlock characters.

Mop it upJune 12, 2018

It sounded like character unlocks this time might just be from total playtime, though I'm not sure what they meant.

segagamerstephJune 12, 2018

If I don't have a job by then I will just sell my PS4 and play this game until I starve to death. Not a bad plan all things considered.

AdrockJune 12, 2018

Have you considered participating in paid clinical trials? Sure, you may grow a new ear on your knee, but isn’t Super Smash Bros. Ultimate worth it?

Hint: It is.

segagamerstephJune 12, 2018

Hmm I saw on the news they are paying people money to stay in this flu hotel. I could survive a bout of the flu as long as I had Smash Switch to keep me comforted.

SorenJune 12, 2018

Pichu main, btw.

Mop it upJune 13, 2018

What about Master Hand? It was technically playable using cheat codes...

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