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Dolphin to get some Boxin'

by Kosta Andreadis - March 17, 2000, 8:54 pm EST
Source: IGN64

Climax let it be known they are working on a Dolphin Boxing Title Already!

Climax Entertainment, the makers of the upcoming N64 game Battlezone have released information on their next-generation game in development. Going by the name Title Defence, it's said to sport a great graphics engine that features things like rendered boxers using 5,000 polygons each, motion captured moves, animated crowds, great control and advanced AI among others. Currently planned for release on all future consoles including Nintendo's Dolphin the game boasts at being a "cutting-egde boxing game."

"Historically, there has never been a truly great boxing game," said Karl Jeffery, President of Climax. "There have been games that have had certain good points, but never one that could be heralded as the definitive game of its type. With Title Defense we have the opportunity to make the game that fight fans and sports enthusiasts alike have been waiting for."

Expected to be released "early 2001" Title Defence may end up being launch title for the western release of the Dolphin. If developers Climax can produce an A grade boxing title that packs a real punch (excuse the lame choice of words) then boxing fans may be in for a real treat.

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