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Details For First Breath Of The Wild DLC Pack Announced

by Donald Theriault - May 1, 2017, 6:17 pm PDT
Total comments: 18 Source: Nintendo

Easier Korok seeds, long trackbacks and more.

The first portion of the Breath of the Wild expansion pass has been detailed.

No hard release date was given (just "Summer"), but the contents of the first half of the pack were listed on the game's website a short time ago. The features include:

  • The Trial of the Sword, a 45-room enemy gauntlet which unlocks "the true power of the Master Sword" when completed
  • The Hero's Path, a new feature for the map that allows for retracing steps for up to 200 hours of gameplay
  • Hard Mode, which raises all enemies by one level (Red Bokoblins becoming Blue) and gives them auto-regenerating health, plus enemy and treasure spawning in the sky
  • A Travel Medallion which allows for creation of one additional fast travel point
  • New equipment, including Majora's Mask, Midna's helmet, and a Korok Mask that rumbles when a Korok seed is nearby

An update for Breath of the Wild is also available now to allow for independent text and voice acting, such as Japanese voices with English text.


Evan_BMay 01, 2017

Yay, time to write more about this in my BotW retrospective.

I'm pretty disappointed for the most part. However, regenerating health is an interesting detail.

SorenMay 01, 2017

$20 worth of content right there.

Disco StuMay 01, 2017

Still holding on to my $20.  Hopefully the Winter pack will convince me to part with it.

ShyGuyMay 01, 2017

...and no cookbook :(

The five costumes + Korok mask are interesting, and the path could be useful late game. That's my C$0.0152, anyway.

Luigi DudeMay 02, 2017

Trail of the Sword could be pretty awesome since it's like an enhanced version of a certain already awesome section of the game.  I'll definitely give that part a go.

Hard mode on the other hand sounds kind of lame, unless it turns out there's some other differences they haven't told us about.  Of course it sounds like they'll be Gold versions of enemies added above Silver so I'll probably replay it just to fight some Gold Lynels down the road.

SteefosaurusMay 02, 2017

I like the idea of the game tracing your footsteps, that's really neat. You could really easily see where you've fallen down too. And the free language update is welcome too, I think I'm gonna set it to Russian to see how Zelda sounds then. Heck and then I'll set the subtitles to Japanese, I'll fill in the story myself.

Fun features to have imo.

LemonadeMay 02, 2017

Still not interested. Maybe the story DLC will be better

Ian SaneMay 02, 2017

This isn't really interesting me and if there was a game where I should be an easy sell for DLC it should be Breath of the Wild.  I don't want this game to end.

But Hard Mode doesn't interest me (this game already is in Hard Mode lol), and the Trial of the Sword is just more fighting which is my least favourite part of the game.  I've already unlocked the whole map so the Hero's Path and Travel Medallion don't seem that useful to me.  They would be better for someone playing for the first time.  The Korok Mask seems like the one part that would be really useful for me if I wanted to get all the Korok Seeds but that's not worth buying the DLC over and I don't know if I'm interested enough to bother finding all the Korok Seeds.

For me the best part of this game is the exploration so any DLC I would want would add a few new map sections.  They could probably add three new areas to the far West of the map or they could make a large island and have some boat man take you out there.

Quote from: Soren

$20 worth of content right there.

To be fair, this is only one part of the total DLC content. 

That said, while I agree it's pretty meager in content, there are some pretty nifty Quality of Life improvements in here, just not sure I agree with some of it being gated off by DLC.

DonkeyBilly KongMay 03, 2017

Another island would be cool.  The idea of a boat man makes me think of the river Styx, which could lead to an odd death themed area.  It wouldn't be too out of place with all the big skulls in the overworld.  It could house all the children Zelda has been eating to stay young.

None of this is worth paying for yet, but it was more than I expected for this first little update.  The language choice is also a nice surprise. 

nickmitchMay 03, 2017

I hope the story DLC is just a series of cut scenes about Link and Zelda's life after defeating Gannon.  Zelda's all "We've got to restore the castle!" and Link's all, "Look, I got a home, and a life now. I kinda just saved you as a courtesy."

Mop it upMay 03, 2017

I heard about them using something similar to that Hero's Path for the playtesters, to see how they traveled the world as a form of feedback. Interesting to see that they're putting it into the game.

sudoshuffMay 03, 2017

Honestly, these details look better than what they first announced for DLC. Though, I'll be waiting for this "new dungeon" at the end of the year before I consider buying it.

BiteThePillowMay 03, 2017

No swimsuits for Zelda and hot Zora girl? Pfah!

Linkle LinkMay 03, 2017

Yeah! Where's the "Hot Springs" DLC this game richly deserves?

BiteThePillowMay 03, 2017

Quote from: Khushrenada

Yeah! Where's the "Hot Springs" DLC this game richly deserves?

Perhaps they will release it alongside "Paya's Birthmark Challenge".

Linkle LinkMay 03, 2017


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