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New ARMS Trailers Show Combatants, Weapons

by Donald Theriault - March 20, 2017, 9:45 am PDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Nintendo

Beware the wrath of Mixmaster Mummy.

Nintendo has released two new trailers for ARMS that show off some of the character and attack options in the fighter.

The attack trailer shows gloves with different elemental and attack properties and reveals that the gloves can be mixed and matched, while the character trailer shows off five different characters.

There is no specific release date for ARMS beyond Spring 2017.


LemonadeMarch 20, 2017

Those videos were great and the game looks fun. I will definitely buy it.

ShyGuyMarch 20, 2017

It really does look fun. I wonder if it is worth it for single player.

KhushrenadaMarch 20, 2017

I guess there won't be more fighters than what we've seen so far after all?

LemonadeMarch 20, 2017

I think the different combinations of fighters + weapons will be enough.

nickmitchMarch 20, 2017

5 fighters with 6 weapons and two arms means 180 combinations.

So, in a way, you have the most fighters.

Edit: My estimate counts the left and right hands as separate and assumes that any fighter can use any arm.  From the video, it looks like maybe 3 arms per fighter?  That would bring the total down to 45, still a high number.

I really hope there's a demo for this game, it's tough taking a flyer on fighting games without having at least a general sense of how it plays.

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