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New Etrian Odyssey Is Coming to Japan in June

by Minoru Yamaizumi - March 29, 2013, 10:17 am PDT
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New game is heavier on story and features voice acting.

A new entry in the Etrian Odyssey series will be released as early as June, revealed Famitsu. Contrary to previous rumors, the game titled Shin Sekaiju no Meikyu: Millennium no Shojo (New Etrian Odyssey: The Girl of Millennium) is not a remake of the original Etrian Odyssey, though it is set in the same universe.

Based on the Famitsu article, the new game's mechanics are no different from Etrian Odyssey 4. Aside from the fact that kanji is now supported in notes and character names, it appears to have the same grid-based mapping scheme, turn-based battle system, character development system, and mission-and-quest structure of story progression. Also, the art style looks unchanged and the character designer (Yuji Himukai), the enemy designer (Makoto Nagasawa), and music composer (Yuzo Koshiro) are the same as those of Etrian Odyssey 4.

The most notable difference from the previous entries seems to be the introduction of personalities and stories for the party members, who are five young people as always. These elements will be introduced to provide a breath of fresh air for the series, whose concept is remaining unchanged, according to Shigeo Komori, the director of Etrian Odyssey II, III, and this latest entry in the series.

The story starts with the main character's encounter with an amnesiac girl in an unknown relic. They form your party with the other three members, who are met later. (Note: there is a possibly story-spoiling English sentence under the logo: "When calamity covers the city of Etria and the people cry in deep despair, a maiden crosses over a millennium and restores hope.") Unlike the previous entries, the party seems fixed, and each member has a unique personality, voice, default job (that can be changed later) and, accordingly, role in battle. There seems to be a lot of chatting among the party members along the way.

For those readers who have played Etrian Odyssey 4, the classes of the five members are as follows. There is a medic, the amnesiac girl will play a role similar to sniper, an alchemist in the rear row looks like an equivalent of a rune master, a paladin strongly resembles a fortress, and the main character uses a lance in the front row. Their jobs can be changed later.

New Etrian Odyssey: The Girl of Millennium is going to come out June 27 in Japan and will be priced at 6279 yen. No western release has been announced.


Mop it upApril 02, 2013

Ah, I'm glad to hear it isn't a remake. I'm much more interested to see more of this game now.

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