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EA Planning Several Unannounced Wii U Sports Games

by Carmine Red - June 6, 2012, 11:38 am EDT
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We've got the two GamePad support, how awesome would Wii U Madden be?

EA is currently planning several sports titles for the Wii U, but these haven't been announced yet. This was revealed at the "EA Breakfast" Analyst Event that the company hosted this morning at E3. According to tweets from attendee David Gibson, EA also commented that the next console cycle would begin with the Wii U and drive industry growth from 2012 through 2020.

EA is one of the biggest publishers and developers of videogames in the industry, and there has been speculation about what their leading NFL Football franchise Madden would be like to play on Nintendo's new console, especially given Nintendos recently announced that the console would support two GamePad controllers, each with their own personal screen.


AdrockJune 06, 2012

The only sports game I really like is NBA Jam. This is excellent news all the same! /boomshakalaka

SorenJune 06, 2012

Looking at the EA Sports wikipedia page, it has 13 games coming out this year(EDIT: 5 FIFA games!!!!!!!!!!!). Only two of those are coming out for Wii this year. Only 3 came out last year: Tiger Woods, Madden, and FIFA. And only 1 right now (FIFA) has been confirmed for WiiU.

Nintendo has to work with EA Sports to get these games (a) graphically on par or better than the other console versions, and (b) fitted with new improved gameplay mechanics that will make the WiiU version the must have over the rest. I may even mean the dreaded preorder bonuses.

Sidenote: 7 years later and I'm still playing the hell out of MVP Baseball 2005. Sweet sweet nostalgia.

StogiJune 06, 2012

Having two screens for Fifa would really clear the clutter on the screen, but even better than that, you could finally have both PRO and TELE cameras.

Meaning....I pass it around my opponents till I have a break-away, then I could look at my screen and school the keeper and walk it in.

The only problem I see is that controlling the different perspectives would require a switch because if I am running forward on TELE, I'm most likely pushing the stick to the side. But if I'm running forward on PRO, I'm pressing forward.

Okay. I get it. You guys prefer football to football.

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