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Mighty Switch Force Update Coming Thursday

by Neal Ronaghan - May 21, 2012, 11:24 pm PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: http://www.wayforward.com/blog

The free update adds new levels, a retry button, and an enhanced stereoscopic effect.

WayForward confirmed that the free update for Mighty Switch Force, revealed last month, is coming this Thursday in North America and Europe.

The update adds five new levels in addition to a much-requested retry button. Additionally, the 3D effect will be bolstered on every level.


Pixelated PixiesMay 22, 2012

I really enjoyed Mighty Switch Force. Right up until the last level that is. I just really disliked the 'forced switching' mechanic which required you to jump in the air and be at a very specific point in your jump so that when the level 'switched' again it would shoot you upward with MSF's equivalent of the DK barrels. I just could not get the timing down for that level (which is weird because I didn't have a problem with the last level of Might Flip Champ, which removed the ability to 'flip' on demand much as MSF's last level removed the ability to 'switch').

I look forward to seeing what these new levels look like, but I hope they don't build off the idea introduced at the end of the game. I was able to beat the par times on all the other levels, yet have never completed the final level because I found it so frustrating.

TheLastMetroid21May 22, 2012

By far the best eshop game to date IMO. More stuff for free just proves it. Good stuff Matt Bozon and wayforward.

joshnickersonMay 22, 2012

@ Pixelated Pixies

Oh great, I just now got to Level 15. Something to look forward too now...

Honestly, the quick retry button is a bigger deal to me than the extra levels.

IgnoramusMay 22, 2012

I don't even own this game and I am excited for this update. Wayforward is really leading by example by adding content to an e-shop game. I hope other developers take note to do the same thing.

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