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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Live in All Regions

by Pedro Hernandez - April 24, 2012, 6:21 pm EDT
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The recently announced 3DS update that adds folder support to the home menu is now available in all regions.

The Nintendo 3DS firmware update first announced on last week's Nintendo Direct conference is now available worldwide.

The newly available update allows players to create folders where you can store your games, apps, and videos in order to keep the home menu organized. Additionally, it includes the ability to patch 3DS games. Patches for such games will come at a later date.

The update is live in Japan, Europe and North America. The update servers are reportedly bogged down as many people download the update, so a successful update may take a while to complete or take multiple attempts. Expect more information regarding the update very soon.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that SuperCard DSTWO and Acekard 2i cards are not compatible with this update.


plufimApril 24, 2012

This update also revamps the eShop. Not drastically so, but it puts the ticker on the top screen, and splits the bottom screen in to two rows - one for games, the other for the eShop tools.

OblivionApril 24, 2012

^ Oh, cool.

ejamerApril 24, 2012

eShop update is pretty slick. Nothing earth-shattering, but slick. Seeing Jools' game picks was also cool.

Patching games doesn't matter yet, but will be a big deal and is an excellent move.

But folders (a simple feature that I really wanted) are unimpressive due to ridiculous naming restrictions.

Really Nintendo: One character with no icon support? Missed opportunity there...

The full name shows up when you highlight it, doesn't it?

nickmitchApril 24, 2012

It does, but only the first letter appears on the folder itself. Not the worst thing ever, but could be better I guess. The names might be kinda hard to read if they were on the folder itself though.

Chocobo_RiderApril 25, 2012

I'm also super-thrilled about the folders, but disappointed in their display.  One letter means I can't even properly distinguish between "Media" and "Mii stuff."

I assumed that the folder would display the first icon inside the folder or (even better) cycle through all the icons contained inside.  Now THAT would be sweet!  In the words of Luigi: "nex-a time?"

Even something simple like changing the color of the folder would be a big improvement.

Really, though, it should support custom icons. Either download them with the built-in browser or load them via the SD card. Ninteñdo could include some base ones like logos and photos of the various systems on the eShop, maybe some ideas for other ways to use them (genre/year).

Chocobo_RiderApril 25, 2012



KITT 10KApril 25, 2012

Honestly, I really don't care about having the folders, (however it is nice to have the option for them), but the way they're done with the way the titling is set up and lack of being able to change the icon is a let down. (Oh well, can't expect EVERY update to be mind blowing.)

NeoThunderApril 26, 2012

Why am I limited to 1 letter or number on the folders. We don't have the technology for more than 1 character on a folder?

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