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The Last Story Coming to Europe in February

by Neal Ronaghan - December 8, 2011, 7:48 am PST
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Mistwalker's Wii RPG is coming to Europe before Xenoblade hits North America.

The Last Story is coming to Europe on February 24, 2012, according to a Nintendo press release.

The RPG, from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi's studio Mistwalker, came out in Japan in early 2011 to rave reviews. It's a story-focused experience with an innovative combat system. Additionally, The Last Story features online multiplayer ranging from deathmatch to co-op.

The Last Story is still unannounced for North America. Last week, Xenoblade Chronicles was confirmed for an April 2012 release in North America. Xenoblade Chronicles came out in Europe last August.

You can check out some of our impressions of the Japanese version here (single-player) and here (multiplayer).

[EU] Can You Become a True Knight in The Last Story?

Nintendo announces the upcoming release of The Last Story, the action packed RPG from Final Fantasy developer Hironobu Sakaguchi. 

8th December 2011 – The Last Story™ is the latest action-packed RPG to come from Hironobu Sakaguchi, available in Europe exclusively on Wii™ from February 24th 2012. The Last Story features time-honoured RPG gameplay and story elements but also adds modern twists to the traditional RPG formula. Customise your items and character and master the innovative combat system to succeed in this epic new RPG universe.

During The Last Story you take control of Zael and from time to time his partners, a band of mercenaries in search of their fortune. You undertake a series of missions and explore Lazulis Island and its sprawling medieval capital Lazulis City, while trying to help Zael achieve his ultimate goal of leaving his life as a mercenary behind and becoming a true knight.

The Last Story features a high level of customisation for both items and characters appearance. There are two main ways of customising your party’s equipment including visiting blacksmiths to increase their abilities and using dyes to change their colour. By visiting the various blacksmiths who are situated within Lazulis City and within some dungeons you can upgrade your weapons and armour.

Unlike many other RPGs, The Last Story not only features a thrilling single player campaign with an engaging story, but also Online Multiplayer options including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Co-Op modes. Now you can battle against or alongside up to five other RPG fans from across Europe using your own customised character from the Single Player game.

Master the innovative combat system, customise your character and gather items you discover throughout the game, and by utilising new features in The Last Story you will be able to take on the many enemies and bosses that can be found across Lazulis Island. Combat mixes traditional melee, ranged and magic attacks that are often found in RPGs with an innovative cover system and unique magical abilities. You will have to master a mysterious ability called The Gathering to help Zael and his band of mercenaries complete their missions and battle vast bosses by discovering their weak spots, picking a suitable strategy and using team work to bring them down.

The Last Story, the latest action based RPG from Hironobu Sakaguchi launches across Europe exclusively for Wii on 24th February 2012.


motangDecember 08, 2011

I would love to get this in the US, but look at how much effort went into getting Xenoblade and it won't be coming till April. So it will be long shot as Wii doesn't have much life left in it before it get replaced by the Wii U. Either way it would be nice to get it.

Lady MushroomDecember 08, 2011

If Mr. Reggie does not bring this game to North America, I will put a BIG PIN on his CHAIR!

broodwarsDecember 08, 2011

Alright, now let's see Reggie grow a pair and announce an NA release date.  I don't regret importing Xenoblade, but that doesn't mean I'm going to leap at the chance to import The Last Story now that it seems there actually is a chance NoA might bring it over as well.

Shorty McNostrilDecember 08, 2011

You think Australia will get this if Europe is?

Quote from: Shorty

You think Australia will get this if Europe is?


Luigi DudeDecember 08, 2011

I'd imagine NOA is going to wait to see what Xenoblade sells in it's first few months before making any decisions on The Last Story.  Considering Xenoblade comes out in early April and E3 is in early June, I wouldn't be suprised if NOA only judges April and May sales before deciding right before E3 if they're going to bring The Last Story over or not.

Of course The Last Story is the more western appealing game so maybe NOA might announce it before Xenoblade comes out because they feel The Last Story has a better chance of selling anyway.  Plus since they can past in big letters "From the creator of Final Fantasy" on every box, it would also be a much easier game to sell as well.

Kytim89December 08, 2011

If north America is going to get this game then it will be announced soon. If NoA waits to see how much it sells in Europe, we may not get this game until later in the year, and that might lesson the chance of getting Pandora's Tower. What would be smart for NoA to do since the English version of Last Story may already be completed is to do release Last Story in north America in the same manner as Xenoblade and then leave Pandora's Tower for the summer of 2012. So, by the time the Wii U is released in the winter of 2012, we will have all three games to play on the system. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Killer_Man_JaroTom Malina, Associate Editor (Europe)December 08, 2011

The real question is: do I have the appetite for another big console JRPG just six months after my last one? Under usual circumstances, probably not. Although I suppose if the rumour about Rhythm Heaven Fever being scheduled for February comes true, it might be a good pairing. One is a grand adventure, the other is small, concentrated doses of crazy - what better combo to trade off each other?

Chozo GhostDecember 08, 2011

Why do Europeans always get games before North Americans?

TJ SpykeDecember 08, 2011

Quote from: Killer_Man_Jaro

Although I suppose if the rumour about Rhythm Heaven Fever being scheduled for February comes true, it might be a good pairing.

It's not a rumor, it was announced in Nintendo Power.

PlugabugzDecember 09, 2011

Quote from: Chozo

Why do Europeans always get games before North Americans?

This generation seems to be the exception to that rule 99% of the time.

Quote from: Killer_Man_Jaro

The real question is: do I have the appetite for another big console JRPG just six months after my last one? Under usual circumstances, probably not.

I've spent time with both Xenoblade and The Last Story and while they are both JRPGs in the literal sense of the word, The Last Story is a bit less daunting and easier to get into. The battle system is also pretty awesome and fulfilling. If you have the time and money (and the means to play an imported version of the game), I say go for it. It's pretty awesome.

ejamerDecember 09, 2011

Breaking news: The Last Story coming to select North America locations in March!  (Would be February, but I'm assuming it'll take at least a week to import. In this case, "select locations" means my house.)

If NoA confirms a release date here in North America before the European release occurs then I'll consider waiting...  but there is absolutely no reason to wait otherwise. Given their cautious approach to Xenoblade, waiting to confirm that it was profitable and even then doing a limited North American release, I'm not optimistic.

KDR_11kDecember 09, 2011

Quote from: Chozo

Why do Europeans always get games before North Americans?

Because it doesn't make headlines when Europe doesn't get Excite Bots.

QuadranDecember 10, 2011

Is there any information regarding the type of localisation NoE is using?
Will the game be fully English (dub) or will it get the Xenoblade treatment, a.k.a. the possibility to play the game with Japanese voices and English subtitles?

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