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A Look at Conker's Bad Fur Day

by Jeff Moshell - April 6, 2001, 2:05 am PDT

PGC doesn't do much N64 reviews so here's an "editorial" why I think Conker's Bad Fur Day is such a treat & why it's important to Nintendo's future!

Conker’s Bad Fur Day has got to be one of the most irreverent, decadent games I’ve ever played. I loved it. Just imagine big-boobed garden flora, giant opera singing poo, drug abusing fire imps, evil teddy bears, and a cute little squirrel that gets tanked to urinate on enemies. And that is just a small sample of the debauching and debasing experienced in this Rare release. Oh sweet bliss.

Planet GameCube doesn’t really review N64 titles though I could not resist sharing my thoughts on the game, because it is a game that every N64 owner should not be without. Moreover, it is a game that shows Nintendo and Rare are ready and willing to step from behind its “kiddie image” that continues to dog them.

There are three modes of play: the one player story mode, the chapters mode which is basically the same thing as the story mode except cheats can be enabled, and the multiplayer mode. Each of the modes has ups and downs, but the game itself makes up for any drawbacks. The concept behind the game rocks. It is sarcastic, rude, adult oriented without going over the edge, and still retains a large dose of juvenile fun.

The graphics are phenomenal. Very detailed even at distances. Each area of the map includes many different themes that blend seamlessly with each other. The score, however, is O.K. at best. The songs do change from one area to the next and the sounds are of good quality, but the repetition while in one area can be maddening. To make it worse, some of the songs just plain suck. Which brings me to another complaint, the lack of options such as independent control of sound effects and music. The only option is choosing mono, stereo, or surround sound. It’s lame, but I guess it’s a thing with these a number of games. My final big complaint is the same old 3-D exploration control. Sometimes the camera angles make it difficult to control Conker, and when trying to look around, a wall behind Conker prevents a good view of something directly in front of him. (Of course I could just be a picky ba****d.)

The story and chapter modes are very entertaining. The cut scenes have a healthy dose of sarcasm and great movie spoofs. The minor cut scenes, like Conker when gets drunk, get a little old after seeing them for the hundredth time. Fortunately the L button can be used to skip them. The puzzles are usually just right, not so hard to get stuck on, but not easy enough to be an insult to anyone’s intelligence. Conker usually helps out by looking toward the next objective. The game play runs pretty smoothly too. There aren’t any real lulls in the action. As Conker completes scenes in story mode, that scene is unlocked in the chapter mode. They are the same things, but chapter mode has the bonus of cheat options.

The multiplayer mode is fantastic. There are seven multiplayer games to choose from each one having its own theme and objectives. I love playing Heist and beating weasels over the head with baseball bats all while muttering obscenities and trying to collect the most cash. Sweet. The deathmatch is a blast too with several maps and characters to choose from. The Beach is another favorite where Frenchy squirrels try to make it though Evil Tediz military lines to the safety of home. In Tanks players battle it out for a corrosive chemical to earn points. Gamers can play either a hungry caveman in search of dinosaur eggs or a hungry dinosaur in search of cavemen in Raptor. Total War is a capture the flag type game between the Squirrel Army and the Evil Tediz. Finally the Race is a prehistoric jet board race game. Additional characters from the story mode can be played in the multiplayer games with the use of cheat codes.

Well, I think that just about wraps Conker’s Bad Fur Day up. Good story line, good dialogue, good graphics, and most importantly, a lot of fun make up this fantastic title, another great game from Rare. I’m really looking forward to what they come out with next. As Nintendo (and the rest of us) gear up for the GameCube, Conker is a great first sign that the “kid gloves” are off and it’s ready to get serious. So definitely pick up Conker and get ready to have some fun!

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