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Episode 500: Wouldn't It Be an Auditory Rash?

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - December 4, 2016, 4:35 pm EST
Total comments: 19

After 500 episodes, the WHO has finally traced the cause of the Internet's ninth-most pervasive malady.

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After weeks of delaying tactics, it is finally time to celebrate the 500th episode of Radio Free Nintendo. BUT FIRST it's time for Listener Mail! This week's topics include: the 87 Mario Kart games, catching up on Wii/Wii U downloadable software, the shape of Switch (and James' blatant self-promotion), and we get castigated about our Pokémon knowledge by a man who literally sent James explosives in the mail. You can call out our ignorance of Weedle-stroking via the inbox.

After the break, and us exhausting all possible avenues of delay, it is time for us to commemorate our 500th episode. We start off with your memories of RFN episodes of yore. It would be touching if we got a bit misty-eyed, but it's mostly reflections of past idiocy so the segment devolves into us blaming each other for each particular failure. After that, Greg put together an RFN questionnaire. Ever wonder what Jon's favorite RetroActive is? Me neither. Find out, inside!

As always, I want to thank each and every one of our listeners and everyone who has made this show possible.

For reference, this is actually Episode 680.

This episode was edited by James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music's SoundCloud. The Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website.

This episode's ending music is Special Arrange Medley from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. It was requested by Greg. All rights reserved by Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.


ClexYoshiDecember 04, 2016

really, Snaking is something I always viewed as an advanced technique that has a high ceiling. it's very easy to interrupt someone and throw them off their rhythm, from my memory. also, Mario Kart DS has the best battle mode, and the missions are amazing.

I can only reccomend Mario Kart 8 post 200cc patch. the 12 karts kill it for me. the dumbing down of the power slide and TRICK OFF EVERYTHING makes Mario Kart Wii easily my least favorite of the series. even behind super circuit.

Anyhow, I would say Mario Kart 8, but all my friends hate it and just cling to Mario Kart 64. they never want to play me though because i'm too good.

Oh my GOD I love that pokemon eMail. <3 Lindy, if you want some help, I can toss some EV trained Pokemon your way. you guys give me a verbal rash on a weekly basis, so I will be mailing in soon!

Still, congrats on the made-up milestone~! I'm still waiting for RFN: The next generation where Gui is the grizzled old jaded vet hosting the show and a spunky and young  bright eyed gamer that grew up with the Wii is editing the show.

MASBDecember 05, 2016

Hey guys. Congrats on 500! :)

I should have added a bit more detail to my email. Plus, I forgot to mention another great (to me) moment. The stinger to one episode(sometime in 2009) where you guys talked about Iwata riding in a DS XXXXXXXXXL. Greg asked what would the license plate of such a vehicle read. Jon immediately replied "Awesome 50."

Sarah Miller from Iowa City (in the late 90's/early 100's).

For syndication, the run would last 37 days, if you included only the numbered episodes (no unnumbered, NWR Chat, E3, etc.). Almost 40 days if you include them. Even longer, if you choose to include the NWR Telethons!

It was Stan Ferguson that broke his laptop screen in half. It happened on an episode with just him and Karl.

"We need cool people on the podcast that will talk." Surely, that's a reference to Ty Shugart, when he gave one word answers on an episode to either Evan or Karl.

I remember a couple of years ago, there was talk that Jonny (or was it Greg) could release the original articles for RFN episodes 82 to that present day. Basically, the articles would be interesting for seeing what topics were edited out of the final show. Jon's MMO talk, etc. Be great if that could happen sometime soon.

Like me, Ben came aboard during E3 2011. I wonder how many people have been there since the beginning? I would guess three of them (Jon, James and Greg) are on the podcast itself!

I like how Jon is going to prepare for the Deion Sanders rap song. It's going to make it all the better when it happens.

BTW 'Hershey's Kisses' was a takeoff of 'love and kisses' that sometimes goes at the end of a letter.

KisakiProjectDecember 05, 2016

Didn't write an email but enjoying the memories.  I started listening to this show in late 09 because Jonny appeared on Kombo breaker podcast for Kombo which had been advanced media network. I think it's long sense defunct. I found out about nwr and how it was the continuation of planetgamecube which I used to read.  You became the first podcast I listened to regularly. Many podcast have come and gone since then, for me to listen to at work, but you guys are always there.

ClexYoshiDecember 05, 2016

For the record, I'm glad that although you guys didn't get around to reading mine, there were shout-outs to Demolition Sherpa and possibly the best post I have ever made on this forum ever.

Timtendo GamingDecember 05, 2016

Hi guys,

Congratulations on the official 500th episode!

I've actually only just started listening seriously (as of one of the 10 episodes between 499 and 500) - haha, okay I'll stop teasing.

Really enjoy your work.  You all have provided me with ample hours of entertainment already, and you've added further fuel to my already well-alight Nintendo fire.

I'll be sure to ask a question at some point in time, but for now, I just wanted to acknowledge your hard work, entertaining dynamic and informed discussion.



SorenDecember 05, 2016

Greg's laugh in the Hyrule Warriors scarf question is now my favorite moment. I originally thought it was James' classic cackle.

I honestly don't remember when I started listening to the podcast. It had to be around a specific E3, but that memory has been erased from my mind.

Anyway, thank you to Dr. Metts, James, Greg, Gui and TheRealJonLindemann for so many years of entertainment. You guys deserve all the praise you get.

EnnerDecember 05, 2016

Congrats, guys. You did it!

Great episode.

rygarDecember 05, 2016

My first episode listening was coincidentally Jonny's last as host. Thanks to all the hosts (and guests) both past and present for creating such an enjoyable show. This is incredibly hard to do well and you folks do an outstanding job. I really look forward to what is always a great listen every week.

RFN eventually lead me to this website, which I also value immensely. So also thanks to all the website staff and other posters who help make this place special. I'm grateful for everything RFN and NWR have done to bring more  video gaming joy to my life.

InvaderRENDecember 06, 2016

Great episode, thanks so much!
I wish even one host loved TWEWY as much as me, I'd love some discussion on that, but Wind Waker and Prime get their regular dues so that is enough for me.  Great show. You guys rock.

LemonadeDecember 06, 2016

Great episode as always.

A note on 200cc mario Kart. I recently got an action replay disc for Mario Kart DD. It has a speed increase cheat. So as an experiment that I have just done. With no real practice, on Luigi Circuit I got 1:36:553 at standard speed. With the speed increase, I got 1:22:088.
It doesnt feel as game breakingly fast as 200cc and I didnt need to use the brakes at all. But still, its fun.

The retrospective was very enjoyable to listen to. I was one of the people who wrote in about The Day The Music Died, so Im glat that was talked about.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterDecember 06, 2016

I needed something to listen to while I go through the process of getting some additional setup with my universal remote. It's one of those learning remotes which means it can be taught whatever functionality It didn't learn how to do from the original remote which is nice but this is going to take ages to get done. Still great work with the show, been listening since I believe 185 and maybe, just maybe, I'll get around to actually writing in some listener mail for the first time between now and episode 1000.

I don't care what you say, James Jones, I legitimately think episode 103 is one of the best episodes.  Going back and listening to that episode after so many episodes where it's clear you're all trying to keep a somewhat rigid format was delightful in both how the episode devolved into feral cats and how derailed everything was from the start, and from how it seemed like you all were legitimately having a good time and letting the goofy banter all hang out. 

James Jones hosting the show is now like those feral cats standing on top of each other and putting on an oversized coat and hat to appear formal, but we all can see a vein of crazy.  It was a transition, but I think the show is just as great is it ever was, which I think is a testament to how seriously I assume James takes the hosting position, the dedication you all have to produce this content, and your personalities which meld together and result in this great podcast.

I can't believe I've been listening to this podcast for 6 years now.  I've been married and had two children in the time since I've been recommended this podcast from a co-worker and discovered NWR.  Greg has left the podcast and come back, Jonny leaving his post, and Gui has gone from a somewhat modest podcast participant to unapologetic-ally outspoken.

Good stuff guys, thanks for all you do. 

KobeskillzDecember 06, 2016

I've enjoyed these shows for years now and its always consistently good to great.

You guys even poke fun of stuff like the Mario 3 thing which is funny.

TheBigKDecember 06, 2016

Good show, guys. I've only been listening to the show for the past few years but it is, by a wide margin, my favourite Nintendo podcast, period. Some people complain that you guys are too jaded and pessimistic, buy that's precisely why I love the show. Because it's when at your most critical and pessimistic that you're also at your most insightful. As a cynical and sardonic person myself, I can appreciate the realistic analyses and self-deprecataing humour. Other shows like Nintendo Voice Chat are annoyingly optimistic and superficial by comparison. It's almost as if they compromise perspicacity for professionalism. That's not to say that you guys aren't professional, you just don't let it get in the way of real opinions and insights. Keep up the awesome work, here's to 500 more! May God have mercy on your souls.

OedoDecember 06, 2016

Congrats on episode 500! I'm a relatively new listener and, funnily enough, the first podcast I listened to on the Radio Free Nintendo feed was actually an episode of The Famicast. I haven't looked around to figure out which episode of RFN was my first, but I do remember listening to episodes in late 2014 and at my old job in early 2015. I became a regular listener sometime in early 2015 and you guys have been my favorite podcast since then.

Shortly after becoming a regular listener, I started listening to your older episodes as well. Even beyond episodes 103, 104, and 105 (which are fantastic), there's a ton of audio gold to be found throughout season two. The episodes are obviously rife with shenanigans like Jonny opening an episode as a drunk Southerner because he was so excited about the Wii SD Card Menu, and Jon talking about actually playing Cho Aniki at length, but the quality of the gaming-related discussion was also as superb as it is today. I recently listened to the episodes where you guys did the game of the decade discussion and it was great. I wholeheartedly recommend going back to this part of the RFN library for newer listeners. It holds up incredibly well today.

Btw, I'm pretty sure the person who tripped on their headphone cord and smashed their laptop screen during a recording was Mr. Ten Outta Ten himself, Stan Ferguson. At least that's what I remember someone saying on episode 103.

Congrats again guys, and thank you for all the hard work each of you put into the show every week. This was a great episode. Here's to many more!

TOPHATANT123December 06, 2016

Thinking back my first episode must have been 378 with the Smash Direct reactions in April 2014. I then tried listening to the feed backwards from 378 but found it would be easier if I just started from the beginning and worked my way forwards through the backlog of episodes. There was something about the podcast that had me hooked and I quickly chewed through all the episodes + all the episodes of the Famicast while playing RPGs and podcast games.

I want to say, it's such an awesome experience to hear how people care about what we do. It's humbling, motivating, exciting, satisfying, and even a little embarrassing.

I said it during the show - but thank you. Thank all of you. I would thank each of you personally but I can't. Just know that you all do more to make this show better than you can ever possibly know.

Fiendlord_TimmayDecember 07, 2016

Hey, thanks for reading my email! Regarding the fact that this was my first podcast, yeah I was still in high school at the time and had just recently gotten my first iPod, so podcasts were a novel thing to me. It's amazing (and a little scary) to think that I've been listening to RFN for over a quarter of my life now.

In fact, this show is partly responsible for my decision to go to grad school for Electrical Engineering (I'm actually writing this while I should be studying for my EM Theory final... oops). Jonny used to talk about his work towards PhD back in the early days of the show, and that was something my young, impressionable high school self didn't even know engineers did. It planted a seed in my mind that has blossomed into a career. As weird as it sounds, I don't think I would be the person I am today without this show. So thanks for keeping this crazy train going, I hope RFN continues to be part of my life for a long time to come.


P.S.: Regarding the other stingers you guys mentioned: the "epic" stinger (which has, in the past, been referred to as the "Stinger Odyssey") that Greg alluded to is that of episode 135. And the segment where the whole crew mercilessly roasts Jonny "The Wizard of the Coast" Metts is in the middle of episode 84, beginning at about 52:30. I strongly encourage giving them both a listen.

ShyGuyDecember 14, 2016

500? I am getting old. Congrats!

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