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NWR Fun Club 3/19/16 - Super Mario Maker & Splatoon

by Curtis Bonds - March 19, 2016, 4:07 pm EDT
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Tune in for our bi-weekly viewer-driven live stream tonight at 5pm PDT!

Every other Saturday at 5pm PDT, I'm gonna be hosting NWR Fun Club, a live stream on our YouTube Channel. During the stream, I'll be taking on levels created and shared by our readers and viewers, as well as take you guys on in various online multiplayer games. If you would like to have your level played, please tweet a link to your level from the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website using the hashtag #NWRMarioMaker, and follow these rules:

  • Please only submit 3 levels per person.
  • Do not submit levels with inescapable/death traps.
  • Do not submit the same level multiple times. If I do not get to your level in one stream, I will get to it eventually.
  • Do not submit your levels via the chat.
  • Please only submit links to the levels, not the level code by itself

See you all there!

Note: You can also tune into the stream via Twitch and Hitbox.

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