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Nintendo World Report: Powered Off - Issue 5

by Nate Andrews, Daniel Bloodworth, Nicholas Bray, Andrew Brown, Karl Castaneda, J.P. Corbran, James Dawson, Andy Goergen, Pedro Hernandez, James Jones, Kimberly Keller, Daan Koopman, Greg Leahy, Josh Max, Jonathan Metts, Zachary Miller, Daniel Mousseau, Rick Powers, Carmine Red, Neal Ronaghan, Jared Rosenberg, Mike Sklens, Scott Thompson, Matt Walker, and Karlie Yeung - May 1, 2013, 7:02 pm EDT
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This issue is packed with Metal Gears, Gunpei Yokoi, and pants.

Download Nintendo World Report: Powered Off Issue 5

Metal Gear's the theme for this issue of Powered Off. We have a bunch of articles that relate to the series on Nintendo platforms, including a primer on the series and a massive interview with Denis Dyack on the creation of The Twin Snakes.

Aside from Metal Gear, we have some articles on Gunpei Yokoi, storytelling in video games, and a roundup of some of the NWR Community's favorite launch games. Reviews this month include some Metal Gear, Game & Wario, and Silent Hill.

We also have the first appearance of our mailbag page this month. We hope to be able to include this section more often, so please send in some questions.

You can send your mail in here. Thanks for reading!


bluelanderJustin Baker, AlumnusMay 01, 2013

LOVING these. Keep up the good work! :cool;

azekeMay 02, 2013

Lots of Metal Gear in this issue. Had to skip most articles because i didn't played any game in the series enough to appreciate them.

Great articles on Yokoi, loved reading about his inventions in pix'n'love "History of Nintendo" book.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was the only video game i played so far where story was genuinely good and choice system wasn't obviously broken.

I'm glad there are people enjoying this format. But, if there are any suggestions to improve, or just some ideas, that feedback would be appreciated. I'd like the mailbag to be more populated, you don't even necessarily have to be asking a direct question.

Also, have people been enjoying the exclusive articles? We are hoping to include a couple more in the next issue.

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