May 29, 2003

Planet GameCube Server Upgrade

by Rick Powers - 4:19 pm PDT
Total comments: 11

We're going to have some downtime tonight, but when we come back, we'll be faster than ever!

If you can read this message, then you're on our new server. Everything appears to have gone smoothly, but there may be a few hiccups here and there as we check everything over. The Forums are up and running, so go to it!

We're fairly unexpectedly having to move our server tonight, but there's good news as a result. We'll be getting a fairly major server upgrade, basically doubling PGC's capacity.


Haven Returns

by Mike Sklens - 12:21 pm PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: GameSpot

The formerly canceled GameCube game is scheduled for release again, with a different publisher.

Xicat Interactive has picked up the rights to release the formerly canceled GameCube and Xbox versions of Haven: Call of the King. The game was originally developed for Midway by Traveler’s Tales for all three next-gen consoles, but ended up only releasing on PlayStation 2.

Haven is a 3rd person...

May 28, 2003

3DO Files for Bankruptcy GC

by Jonathan Metts - 8:49 pm PDT
Source: GameSpot

The company behind Army Men, High Heat Baseball, and the upcoming Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is going broke. Please, hold your applause until the end of the announcement.

According to GameSpot, The 3DO Company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The infamous publisher has subsisted on sales of its mysteriously popular Army Men series for years, but it seems the well has run dry.

3DO is actively seeking a buyer, either for the entire company or any of its assets.... Read more...

Xicat Confirms Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal

by Lasse Pallesen - 8:00 am PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Press Release

The critically acclaimed fantasy adventure game is coming to GameCube in Q4 of 2003.


Xicat Delivers a Beautiful Fantasy World of Action, Adventure and Magic Complete with Fairies, Demons and More.

London, UK – 28th May, 2003, Xicat Interactive, Inc., the publisher... Read more...

May 27, 2003

Sonic Pinball, not Spinball

by Michael Cole - 8:05 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback!

Sega releases its new Sonic-themed pinball game on the Game Boy Advance.


New Pinball Game for GBA Offers Linked Multiplayer Action, Classic SEGA

Characters, Multiple Modes and More!

SAN FRANCISCO (May 27, 2003) - It's time to get the party started right!

SEGA(R) today announced Sonic(R)'s return to the Game Boy(R) Advance with


E3 Awards 2003 Nominees Announced

by Mike Sklens - 11:49 am PDT
Total comments: 27 Source: E3

Take a look at who will be competing for the annual E3 Awards!

The official E3 Awards nominees have been announced. Every year the ISDA holds awards for the many games presented at E3. This year there are a total of 15 categories to be won. Here they are.

Best of Show

Full Spectrum Warrior (Pandemic/THQ for Xbox)

Gran Turismo 4 (Polyphony Digital/Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 2)


Sega in Partnership Talks Again

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:44 am PDT
Total comments: 8 Source: Reuters

This week's bidder is Electronic Arts. Why doesn't Sega just give up and get bought out already?

Well, this time it's not quite a straight buyout that EA is interested in. Instead, Sega is reportly looking for a "sales alliance" with the publishing giant, in hopes to boost sales of its North American games.

"We will consider forming a sales joint venture in the United States if necessary,"... Read more...

Sonic Heroes to Use Renderware GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:28 am PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Press Release

He's the fastest thing alive, so Sonic Team wants to use the gaming tools that can keep up with him.


RenderWare Used By SEGA's SONICTEAM in creation of "Sonic HeroesTM" for PlayStation®2, XboxTM and Nintendo GameCubeTM

May 27th, 2003 - Criterion Software®, the world's leading provider of game development solutions, announces that... Read more...

May 25, 2003

Done with your Demo Disc? That's what YOU thought! GC

by Rick Powers - 12:21 pm PDT
Total comments: 13

We've found a silly little secret on Nintendo's Preview Disc that adds just a bit more gameplay ...

Just when you think it's safe to put that Preview Disc away, those wacky guys at Sega manage to give you another reason to dust it off. (That is, if you've bothered putting it away instead of playing Viewtiful Joe!)

There is an extra playable "level" hidden in the Billy Hatcher demo, accessible... Read more...

May 24, 2003

The Cinematic Mario Brothers Go Digital

by Alex Sandell - 6:18 pm PDT
Total comments: 10

The Super Mario Bros. film makes its way onto DVD just in time for its tenth anniversary

On May 28th, 1993, Walt Disney-owned Buena Vista Pictures released a film loosely based on the Super Mario Bros. video games. With a then sizable 42 million dollar budget, the movie was created to be a tent-pole picture for the studios. Due to poor reviews from critics and bad word of mouth from fans upset that the film wasn't faithful to the Mario Bros. saga, the movie quickly left theaters -- earning less than half its budget.

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