October 31, 2000

KIAME released

by Ty Shughart - 1:09 am PST

Arcade Killer Instince emulation?

The Killer Instinct arcade machine emulator is out! It works darn well, too, it's got fullscreen and joystick support. Sound and netplay (!) is on the way. You can grab it at ... don't ask us about the machine hard drive/roms, though. Heh. Stay legal, kids.


October 27, 2000

Namco seeks NGC programmers GC

by Jonathan Metts - 7:26 am PDT
Source: FGN Online

Namco is searching for senior programmers with PS1, PS2, GameCube or Xbox experience.

Those "too cool for sleep" guys and gals over at FGN Online have discovered Namco's search for senior-level programmers, with the interesting comment "PS1, PS2, Gamecube, or X-Box experience a plus." The games being worked on include a racing title to start a new franchise, and some type of action-adventure... Read more...

October 26, 2000

Lost in a new world...

by Billy Berghammer - 9:25 pm PDT

Billy begs for Zelda MM impressions because he has no time to start playing it just yet...

Things a little quiet lately? Do you blame Zelda? I think that's a possibility. If you haven't picked up your copy of Zelda: Majora's Mask...what the hell is your problem? I would say 98% of PlanetN2000's staff has been sucked into the 72 hour Zelda love fest. Go figure...

Personally, I really...

October 24, 2000

Movie explosion - update GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 9:37 pm PDT
Source: CVG news

Full length movies from Spaceworld just went up at Computer and Videogames news. Movies include Luigi's Mansion, Joanna Dark, Car demo (simply awesome).

A few days ago here at the Planet we informed you readers about the appearance of full length videos of GameCube (and GBA) tech demos on the net. Most fans were probably wondering why it took this long to get them, but rest assured that they're here. Recently a few new movies have been added to CV&G's... Read more...

Majora's Mask Released!

by Billy Berghammer - 11:56 am PDT

Majora's Mask goes on sale a few days early.

Reports around the US have confirmed the rumor of an early Zelda: Majora's Mask release. That's right brothers and sisters....Zelda has hit a mall store near you! The main mall chains like Electronics Boutique, Software Etc., Babbages, Walden Software should have their shipments of Gold Carts for... Read more...

October 23, 2000

Rebirth in Real Time... for Real? GC

by Zosha Arushan - 9:03 pm PDT
Source: IGN Cube

Mix Core reveals that a part of the Rebirth demo was running in real time... and the whole thing would have been if there was a little more time to prepare.

IGNCube has finally put an article concerning what many of us have been speculating for some time now: that a part of the Rebirth CGI demo was in fact running off the NGC hardware.

Not only was this confirmed by Mix Core but they went even further...

Excerpt from IGNCube:

Mix Core recently...

October 22, 2000

Brownie Brown Interview GBA

by Mike Sklens - 7:18 pm PDT
Source: Tendo Project

Brownie Brown talks about their GBA RPG, Magical Vacation. GameCube is also mentioned by this developer that is made of ex-employees of Squaresoft.

The TendoProject has snagged another interview. This time it's with the new development house Brownie Brown. It speaks about the name of the company and a bit about their current development "Magical Vacation."

Brownie Brown is focusing on "Magical Vacation" as their only product in development... Read more...

Mix-Core hints at new project GC

by Jonathan Metts - 5:17 pm PDT
Source: Mix Core

A small treat from Mix-Core.

NCL development house Mix-Core has released a single screenshot of its newest project, known only as "2" right now.

No information is provided with the screen, but the file path contains the words "Hakofune" and "neji_T2"...could be a clue. The art style is also clearly different from Rebirth's nature themes. Kudos to Quest17 for telling me about this little treat.


October 21, 2000

The NES at 15!

by Zosha Arushan - 7:14 pm PDT
Source: takes a trip down memory lane for the 15th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

While it may seem like only yesterday, it's certainly been awhile since Super Mario Bros. was the height of technology. However it's time to traipse down memory lane once more as has a fond look back at the system that signified the resurrection of the Gaming Industry.

So pull out your vinyl, comb back that mullet, break out those horrible glam-rock music videos and rock on to the NES' 15th anniversary!


A Movie Explosion GC

by Kosta Andreadis - 1:07 am PDT
Source: CVG news.

Direct feeds (i.e. not recorded by some guy with a video camera) of Space World movies!

Nintendo enthusiasts everywhere were quick to download any Spaceworld movies of Gamecube and GBA, yet for the most part this was either pre-edited footage or non direct-feed. Thanks to Computer & Video Games, FULL length videos of the Gamecube demonstrations have just made available to the public.... Read more...

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