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First Info on Mega Man Zero 3

by Jonathan Metts - February 13, 2004, 2:06 pm PST
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Get the scoop on his new weapon.

According to Planet Mega Man (nice name, guys), the newest issue of Korokoro Comics in Japan has the first details and pictures of Mega Man Zero 3 (or Rockman Zero 3, as it will be named in Japan). There aren't many hard facts at this point, but we do know that Zero has a new weapon, the Recoil Rod. It can break through barriers and enemies' shields. The magazine also contains art of Zero holding two curved blades, one in each hand; these blades may or may not be the same as the Recoil Rod. If not, the game would seem to boast at least two new weapons for our hero. The magazine also shows one of the game's new bosses, a flying bat-like robot whose lifebar bears a capital omega.

Although there was little doubt that the Zero series would continue on GBA, this is the first information or even confirmation of the new sequel's existence.

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