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Mya to Open Next Bond Game

by Steven Rodriguez - September 18, 2003, 2:31 pm PDT
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Most people will just mash the Start button and skip the intro anyway.

Mya to Perform Original Theme Song For the EA Videogame James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 18, 2003--Electronic Arts announced today the music lineup for the upcoming videogame James Bond 007(TM): Everything or Nothing(TM). Recording star Mya will perform the original theme song, Everything or Nothing, for the latest videogame in the Bond franchise. The multi-talented Grammy-winning artist, Mya, will also appear in the game as the sultry Bond girl "Mya Starling". Mya co-wrote and co-produced the song with Randy Bugnitz and A&M president Ron Fair, and three variations of the theme will appear in the game. Officially licensed by MGM Interactive, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing is shipping under the EA GAMES(TM) brand for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube(TM), and Nintendo Game Boy(R) Advance.

"It was a thrill being part of such a legendary franchise," said Mya. "I've never screamed so much in my life. Maybe someday they'll make an Everything or Nothing movie that I'd love to be in."

Additionally, Emmy nominated composer Sean Callery will provide the cinematic score for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. Mr. Callery has lent his talent to such television projects as La Femme Nikita and he is currently the composer for the hit television series 24, for which he recently received an Emmy nomination.

In James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, players encounter evil villains, exotic locations, beautiful girls, fast cars, and high-tech gadgetry. Visit the official James Bond videogame home page at www.007.ea.com.


Illustrious ChenSeptember 19, 2003

mya mkay? maybe you can change your name back and get a real job and stop whoring in on the Bond movies. Madonna already fugged one up! Not that there could be much saving Bond #20 anyway.

hello JAMES BOND WRITERS AND DIRECTORS "gadgets" are moronic, leave them to spy kids and make a real Bond movie! And come up with your own movie ideas for god's sake!

Shin GallonSeptember 19, 2003

Am I the only person who has no idea who this "Mya" person it? Because when I think "Mya" I think of the sound a cat makes...

PIACSeptember 19, 2003

mya is in that lady marmalaid song with christina agulera pink and some other hoe. i forget

Illustrious Chen: a bond movie/game without gadgets is like a vodka martini with no vodka. pointless.

KDR_11kSeptember 19, 2003

I don't know what kind of music she makes, but if she's a pop singer I'll shoot her on sight.

KnowsNothingSeptember 20, 2003

Here! Here!

KDR_11k, you are a good man.

I don't know who Mya is, and I don't particularly care to find out.

*loads gun*

but she better not come near me...

Illustrious ChenSeptember 20, 2003

He barely had any gadgets at all in most of the old ones and they are actually fun to watch!

PIACSeptember 20, 2003

he still had them, Q branch is an important part of james bond, it would be an insult to the memory of Desmond Lewyn (sp?) (and is that his last name?) to remove Q branch, and John Cleese does a great job as R

Bill AurionSeptember 20, 2003

Desmond Llewelyn was absolutely fantastic...I miss him face-icon-small-sad.gif

But as a Monty Python lover I know Cleese fits the part of Q so well face-icon-small-smile.gif

As for Bond gadgets, I give a big thumbs-up to Bond's Lotus Esprit in "The Spy Who Loved Me"

PlugabugzSeptember 20, 2003

Mya is an R&B singer. Unlike most pop artists she writes and produces her own stuff.

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