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Famitsu Update

by Bakudan Yoshinoya - July 20, 2003, 10:34 am PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Famitsu

This week's Famitsu looks at the Famicom's 20th anniversary, Sega restructuring, and F-Zero GX.

This week's Famitsu celebrates the 20th anniversary of Famicom with a special feature looking back at the history of the Famicom and comments from various people in the gaming industry.

On the news front, Sega Japan announced on July 8 that it will be restructuring its nine development studios to five studios. Sega Japan plans to form two additional studios making the total number of development studios seven. The restructuring is scheduled to take place in October.

Famitsu also provided details regarding Tokyo Game Show 2003. The show will be held from September 26th to 28th at the Makuhari Messe. Ninety-four companies will be attending the show, and as reported earlier this week, Nintendo’s president Iwata-san will be making a speech. The theme is “20 Years after Famicom: The Present and the Future of the Gaming Industry”.

The Top 30 this week is mostly dominated by PS2 titles. Silent Hill 3 and Initial D Special Stage grab first and second place. Animal Forest e+ holds on to the third slot. Mother 1+2 slides to seventh place, and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire re-enters the top ten at eighth place. Viewtiful Joe slides from fourth place to ninth.

F-Zero GX was the only GameCube game reviewed this week. It received a gold mark with the score of 32 (9,7,8,8). Reviewers praised the speed, spectacular graphics, and the high quality of the CG movies. Two reviewers commented on the difficulty of the game, especially the story mode.

On the GBA side, Shining Soul 2 also scored a 32 (8,8,8,8) picking up a gold mark. Onimusha Tactics, a simulation RPG from Capcom, received a 29 (7,8,7,7). Top Gear Rally SP received a silver mark with a score of 30 (7,8,8,7).


Gamer3July 21, 2003

I read on Nintendojo that Kirby's Air Ride (which has gotten bad prewiews in the USA) got a HIGHER score than F-Zero GX. Although the story itself is MIA, I remember that the score was 34/40 (8/9/8/9).

GamefreakJuly 21, 2003

It's true. But hey, Japanese dudes do review differently....

The difficulty seems to have pissed them off, and I think they missed some of the best quality about F-Zero, like the crazy brilliant track design...

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