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Quick fix for deflated B buttons!

by David Trammell - December 24, 2001, 11:14 am PST

If your B button is deflated, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Salvation is just a click away...

As I was reading a batch of daily reader comments at Nintendorks yesterday, I stumbled upon a fix for a problem that has been plaguing one of my controllers since I played Pikmin. The problem, as some of you know, is that the B button and sometimes the other three action buttons get stuck into the controller. They still work, but they have less action than they should. Fortunately, a Nintendorks reader known only as "The Chimp" sent in a DRC which relayed a fix that he found on their message board.

Now for the obligitory warning stuff. Planet GameCube cannot be held responsible if you break your controller, your hands or anything else by attempting to execute the following instructions.

And here's the fix. Simply put one grip of the controller in each hand (and since someone actually asked, the grips are those two things that rest in the palms of your hands when you hold the controller normally. They are not the analog sticks and they are not the little platforms that hold the D-pad and C-stick). Now twist the controller by turning one grip upwards and the other downwards. You probably won't even notice the controller twisting or anything so be sure to stop and check the buttons frequently to see when they are fixed. Make sure you try to twist both ways if one way isn't working.

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