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Neversoft interview at IGN

by Rick Powers - September 25, 2001, 6:59 pm PDT
Source: IGN Cube

The IGN Cube guys score a quickie interview with Neversoft on how Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for GameCube is coming ...

Great details out of this interview. Of course, the news that THPS3 is going to be out for Christmas is outstanding, but how to the guys feel about GameCube?

Pretty well, apparently. They say they've re-written the display engine from scratch, as well as redoing all of the special effects. They also make note of the full-scene (full-screen) anti-aliasing making the game look great.

They also mention that they have the shoulder buttons working in both analog and digital modes ... and of course mention how comfortable the controller is.

The GCN version is apparently only weeks behind the PS2 version, and they appear to be able to give us a feature-complete port of the PS2 version ... soundtrack and all. The smaller size of the GCN disc is NOT as big an issue as many think.

Get on over to IGN and check it out.

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