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New Strategy RPG Demonschool Revealed Among PC Gaming Show Announcements

by Donald Theriault - June 12, 2022, 8:06 pm EDT
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The 2023 release might be closer to Devil Survivor in inspiration.

Although not as rich as last year, there was one major item for Switch at the 2022 PC Gaming Show.

Developer Necrosoft (Gunhouse) and publisher Ysbyrd (YIIK) have announced Demonschool at the show. A "school life" RPG with tactical RPG combat, the battle system will feature rewinds in combat and an expansive story with side quests and daily planning.

The only known release date for the game at this time is 2023.

In other news from the show, publisher Shiro Unlimited announced a new pixel art puzzle game Decarnation. The one-person development will come to Switch next year as well. Shiro also announced a new expansion to their Switch strategy title Northgard would come later this year.

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