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Star Fox Adventures

by David Trammell - March 2, 2001, 8:27 pm PST
Source: Consoles France

Dinoplanet = Star Fox Adventures?

Say it aint so. IGN Cube reports that Consoles France ran a story which claims that Dinosaur Planet has been renamed Star Fox Adventures. The source is supposedly from Nintendo of Europe.

Take this with a grain of salt for now, as the source is unofficial at best. Obviously, the game would have to undergo significant design and especially story changes to accomodate the new cast. Yesterday, I was very eager to play Dinosaur Planet; if this story is true, then that game no longer exists in my opinion. If Slippy finds his way into this game, I'm going to be very, very angry.

That said, this may prove to be untrue. I suppose we'll find out in good time. Meanwhile, what do you think of these rumors, and what are you thoughts if it's true?

Update: Awhile back, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about what he thought of Dinosaur Planet. Essnetially, Shiggy said that the game made him think of Star Fox and he was thinking of asking Rare to use the Star Fox characters. However, it seemed that Miyamoto was joking and at the time he probably was. Could this be the direction Dino Planet is heading or is it a wacky rumor gone wrong? Time will tell, though the report certainly isn't completely groundless.

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