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Crossover of the Century

by Max Lake - February 23, 2001, 4:00 am PST
Source: Segadojo

Hell hasn't froze over, Nintendo & Sega have some big plans... What all do they entail? And what's this? A New Planet Iron Scribe?!?

The frequent appearance of Nintendo / Sega rumors over the past few months has been reminiscent of that ol' carnie classic, "Whack-a-Mole." A rumor would pop up somewhere only to be swiftly crushed beneath a skeptical media. Almost immediately, another crazy Sega rumor would appear from somewhere, then another - making it almost impossible to understand, refute or disbelieve 'me all. Who woulda thought so much of it turned out to be true? (Well, many at the Planet were hoping...) Now, the mystery is OV-AH and Sega & Nintendo are in cahoots. But what can it all mean?

To answer such questions, I have recruited Sega expert, Tony Sciascia as my "Iron Scribe Sega" to participate here at the Planet. If memory serves me right, Tony is veteran of Nintendojo & Tendo Box but now can works at Segadojo. Tony & I actually are founding members of Sdojo but I got FIRED! Sure, I was busy (lazy?) back then but it's no wonder I'm obsessed with torturing my own staff these days, eh? As fate would have it, I have just returned to Segadojo as a News Editor. Ironically enough, Tony & I were officially hired on each others’ sites the same day. Freaky!

Despite juggling Segadojo, a lovely girlfriend and a healthy ska addiction (skank on, brotha) Tony is returning to his Nintendo-loving ways with us. With all the current Sega / Nintendo hullabaloo, what better way to do it than talk about what lies ahead for both companies? Tony does just that in his latest column, "What Nintendo Means to Sega" over at Segadojo . The fun doesn't stop there, as Tony plans to run a second part here on the Planet. Look for more of our cross-site/platform mischief in the future too. Meanwhile, check out his fantastic column & start drooling - Sega goodness on NGC isn’t just a dream anymore.

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