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RareNet cracks the Banjo K/T Mystery

by Max Lake - January 13, 2001, 2:01 pm EST
Source: RareNet

Those guys are good at what they do! MAX!

What a weekend! While I'm trying to concentrate on writing & working on all kinds of stuff, big & crazy news keeps happening. With a little outside help, RareNet have cracked the mystery of how Banjo-Tooie connects to Banjo-Kazooie. Evidently, there are several codes found somewhere in Banjo-Tooie (we don't know where yet) that allow you to open up secret areas in Banjo-Kazooie by entering lengthy phrases in Treasure Trove Cove. Head over to RareNet immediately to get the codes and check out the areas you've been dying to explore for ages!!!

Hmmm... Now where did I put my copy of B-K?

Update: Joshua Slone correctly points out I'm giving RareNet too much credit. =) So, let it be known that we have Subdrag of www.datadynehq.com to thank for hacking these codes and Chris Allcock is the saint who sent the codes in to the RareNet boys.

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