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Final Four Games And Release Date Announced For Castlevania Anniversary Collection

by Donald Theriault - April 18, 2019, 6:30 pm PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Konami

The games we previously thought were excluded? They're heeeeeeere.

With today's release of the Konami Arcade Anniversary Collection, Konami has revealed the rest of the lineup for the upcoming Castlevania Collection.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, the Castlevania Collection received a May 16 release date, as well as the final four games for the collection. Joining the original, Castlevania III, Castlevania II (Game Boy) and Super Castlevania IV are Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (NES), Castlevania: The Adventure (Game Boy), Castlevania: Bloodlines (Genesis) and Kid Dracula (Famicom). Kid Dracula previously released outside Japan on the Game Boy, but this is the first time his Famicom adventure will be localized.


broodwarsApril 18, 2019

I'm somewhat amused that the source for a piece of news for a Nintendo World Report news story is...the official PlayStation blog.  ;)

It's a bit weird that Rondo of Blood isn't in this collection since the intent was clearly to put together one type of Castlevania game. Yeah, it's part of another recent re-release, but still. I suppose if we get a 2nd collection with the Symphony-style of games, it would make sense to be there as well since it ties into Symphony.

As for the game selection, this is a damn good list. It's nice to finally have Bloodlines re-released.

StratosApril 18, 2019

Shame there are no GBA titles here. Those were always some of my favorite.

Luigi DudeApril 18, 2019

The fact we're getting Kid Dracula and the 1st GB game as well show Konami is probably looking to release all the games.  I mean Kid Dracula is very obscure and the 1st GB game is terrible, but they're still there.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next Collection is going to look like this.

1. Rondo of Blood
2. Dracula X SNES
3. Kid Dracula Game Boy
4. Symphony of the Night
5. Legends
6. Legacy of Darkness
7. Circle of the Moon
8. Chronicles

Then the 3rd will be this.

1. Harmony of Dissonance
2. Aria of Sorrow
3. Lament of Innocent
4. Dawn of Sorrow
5. Curse of Darkness
6. Portrait of Ruin
7. Order of Ecclesia
8. The Adventure Rebirth

I mean if it's just 8 games in each collection this would allow them to basically release the whole thing across 3 collections in the end to maximize profits.  Then throw in a Lords of Shadow trilogy collection and the whole franchise is pretty much represented outside of something like Harmony of Despair and Judgement which I guess you could throw in with the Lords of Shadow collection as well if Konami wants to have every Castlevania related game released.

StratosApril 19, 2019

What about Castlevania 64? Or did that have a proper subtitle? And will the Director's cut of that game also get included?

Mop it upApril 19, 2019

Quote from: Stratos

What about Castlevania 64? Or did that have a proper subtitle? And will the Director's cut of that game also get included?

Legacy of Darkness is the "director's cut" version of Castlevania for N64, which he listed. There are actually some things I like about the original over Legacy, so having both might not be a bad idea...

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