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Version 2.99997?

by Billy Berghammer - April 19, 2000, 10:34 pm EDT

Bow to your earthly masters. We own you.

I've drank more Mountain Dew in the past week, than I think I ever have before. Heh Heh. God bless the neon yellow good stuff! Oh how I love thee! Well here we are ladies and gentlemen. The unveiling of our new design. Er...sort of. This was a MUCH bigger project than I ever could have anticipated. Unfortunately due to time constraints and everything else (like sleep), most of what you see here is totally in beta form. Somethings like Planet Radio, Forums, and Planet Mail work. More pages to follow daily. I apologize for not having a more complete product at our debut of Version 3.0. I didn't want to put a half-assed site up, but I also didn't want to be down more than I had to. I do have a full time 50+ hour a week job as well...outside of this site. I have to thank my boss at my real job for giving me a lot of free time lately. Then again, I'm working this whole weekend too almost. But thanks Peter! And don't fire me!

Oh yeah, we went with IGN if you couldn't tell. After long hard thought I decided it was our next step to get us where we want to be. Actually, Matt held us all hostage while he was having a Perfect Dark fantasy, and made us join IGN. Yeah, that's it. ;) So if this is your first time here...Welcome!!!

I do need to thank a lot of people for all of their hard work in getting us where we are today with the redesign. If it wasn't for Ty and Kosta we wouldn't even be this far. Their mad programming skills are hard to beat. I'd like to also thank Steven, the fine folks here at PlanetN2000, and the rest of the people who basically told me to get off my ass and put this sucka up. Also mad props to our logo designer. Our new logo was put together by a very talented artist by the name of Jason Grzybowski from Pooshda Online. Oh, and by the way, for copyright purposes, that's not Mario...it's his stunt double named Timmy. See, he has no M on his hat! Timmy does great work! Thanks to Timmy!

We will be working around the clock this weekend to get everything ready and finished for you as soon as we can. Please be patient. We need to sleep and work at our real jobs too! The comments page does work though, so please let us know what you think of the changes! You don't have to tell us what doesn't work in there either...I know what isn't working yet. So please bear with us. We are hard at work to bring you a better PlanetN2000! Werd.

Thanks, and Enjoy!

Billy Berghammer

Webmaster, and Editor-In-Chief


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