Where's the Announcement?

by Billy Berghammer - February 23, 2000, 1:12 am PST

Give us news or give us... a taco!

I think everyone is about as sick of this topic as I am. While Nintendo is keeping as silent as possible about this announcement, and what it will be and when it will happen and all that, the people have become rather disappointed. Don't fret!

The good news is that news is coming and it should be out there very soon. I have spoken to our source from Nintendo this morning, and his feeling is something should be popping up within the next month. He told me he was unable to tell me what information the announcement will contain. But he did mention that it should contain something pertaining to the Development Community. Hmmmmm. Granted the Game Developers Conference will be coming up and this could be the time Nintendo decides to show their cards. Who knows. Every gaming festival becomes the next possible place where Nintendo could show their goods. We'll be there when the news breaks!

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