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New Fire Emblem To Feature Base Building, Support For Fire Emblem Amiibo

by Donald Theriault - May 31, 2015, 6:14 am PDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Nintendo Direct

Streetpass is in, as well as Pokemon-Amie.

The Nintendo Direct has announced new features for the new Fire Emblem game that use a couple of key 3DS features.

A stronghold building mechanic was introduced that will allow you to place shops and homes in the area in between missions. Also featured are hot springs and a Pokémon-Amie like function for your characters. The strongholds can be StreetPassed and invaded as well.

As expected, the new Fire Emblem will also support the existing Fire Emblem Amiibo to drop the characters into your party.


Triforce HermitMay 31, 2015

Less strategy, more virtual dating elements. Don't want to put forth any strategy? Choose Phoenix Mode!......I never asked for this.

It going to make use of Amiibo which no one can get. Unless there is a resupply.

TOPHATANT123May 31, 2015

The glorious tears of fanboys will flow like wine, bravo Intelligent Systems.

Mop it upMay 31, 2015

What a weird game.

broodwarsMay 31, 2015

Unlike something like Codename STEAM, where there's no such thing as leveling, I can only see using Amiibo hurting you in a proper Fire Emblem game because they're stealing XP away from your permanent party members. So even if I had an Amiibo adapter for my 3DS, I don't see myself ever using it for this game.

KhushrenadaMay 31, 2015

Phew. I've been afraid that all the Fire Emblem Amiibo I've bought will be a waste of money but so far so good as Nintendo keeps supporting them in games.

SorenMay 31, 2015

Fire Emblem If you're building a love hotel in your stronghold, wink wink.

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