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Pikmin Shorts Coming to the 3DS

by Kimberly Keller - October 25, 2014, 3:28 pm PDT
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Miyamoto takes Pikmin to new heights.

Three short films by Shigeru Miyamoto, featuring Pikmin, debuted today at the International Tokyo Film Festival. The films will eventually be released worldwide through the 3DS’ Nintendo Video Channel.

These films, titled “The Night Juicer,” “Occupational Hazards” and “Treasures in a Bottle,” range from 8 to 12 minutes long and were storyboarded by Miyamoto using Flipnote 3DS and later animated by an external animation company. Production began at roughly the same time as Pikmin 3.

At a press conference following the premiere, Miyamoto revealed how he had always been interesting in making films, but felt movies involved a different skill set than he had. As technology advanced, however, he saw the process as similar to video games.

Miyamoto thought it would be a good fit to make shorts out of the Pikmin series as the characters themselves are so small in the games that they’re hard to see without zooming in close. “Treasures in a Bottle” features 500 Pikmin at once as well as Pikmin covered in mud, both things impossible to show in the game. The models used for animation were based on the game’s original models but are mostly new as CGI requires ten times the fidelity of Pikmin 3.


AVOctober 25, 2014

I thought Nintendo stopped supporting the Video ap~!

nhainesOctober 25, 2014

They said they did, but as far as I can tell they never actually stopped.

BranDonk KongOctober 25, 2014

I thought you mean like short pants with Pikmin on them :(

Quote from: Brandogg

I thought you mean like short pants with Pikmin on them :(

People are always saying Club Nintendo should add more physical rewards...

rlse9October 25, 2014

Not what I expected when I read the title.  I thought it was going to be short downloadable games for the 3DS, kinda how they've released Brain Age and Electroplankton games bite sized games as downloadables.  This is still interesting, though, I finally started playing Pikmin 3 about a week ago, having a blast with it so far, hopefully they go less than two generations before the next proper release in the series.

TurdFurgyOctober 26, 2014

They better be in stereoscopic 3D.

Mop it upOctober 26, 2014

I'd totally get some Pikmin shorts from Club Nintendo.

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