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Transparent Red and Blue 2DS Systems Heading to Europe

by Zack Kaplan - September 25, 2014, 3:48 pm PDT
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The bundles are also coming with a game many will be poké-ing into.

The 2DS is getting the transparent treatment with two new 2DS designs; Transparent Red and Transparent Blue.

The consoles themselves are due out November 7, while bundles with Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming November 28. The 2DS units themselves will retail for £89.99 while the bundles will be £114.99. Worth noting, the games are digital copies on a 4 GB SD card included, they are not cartridge copies.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has made a transparent system, both the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance got the clear design over their lifespans.


pokepal148September 25, 2014

That looks like an Absol-utely wonderful deal.

Leo13September 25, 2014

My first video game system was the clear Gameboy.
I'd love to buy this for my son and daughter as their first, but I'd also like to just give them my old 3DS and XL when I buy the "new 3DS"
By the way, do we know if the "New 3DS" plays DS cartridges?

The first Nintendo system I ever owned was a translucent purple Game Boy Color. If they did this style with a New 3DS XL I'd absolutely buy one.

pokepal148September 25, 2014

Here are some pics because, well they look nice and they should be in the article.


Dan LaserSeptember 25, 2014

Wow transparent handhelds... that brings back memories. These almost feel more nostalgic than the NES themed XL.

The transparent designs weren't always my favourites, but I'd be curious to see how these actually look in person.

Blue transparent 2DS + the Monster Hunter new XL they were showing at TGS = hnnnnnrg

CericSeptember 26, 2014

It's the 90's.
Not to be rude but where is are Indigo one to go with that set?

Mop it upSeptember 27, 2014

I like these but I don't want a 2DS.

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